Why Stoneless Avocados are Saving the World

The delicious taste of avocados is becoming extremely popular. This great tasting fruit appears in so many Instagram pictures and is the most important ingredient in a great brunch. However, this great meal has an even greater cost for some. The horrific and terrible Avocado Hand.

Avocado Hand

Avocado Hand is an injury spreading across the nation. So what is Avocado hand and how do you get it? Avocado Hand is when you accidentally cut yourself whilst trying to get the stone out of the avocado.

This may sound ridiculous however according to doctors around the UK A&E departments are seeing an increased amount of people with this injury. Some avocado injuries are much worse than just a small cut with many people severally damaging nerves in their hand which need surgery and can cause people to lose the use of their hand.

This causes a massive issue. How can we get the wonderful taste of avocados whilst not getting a horrific injury? Well, Marks and Spences have the answer.

Stoneless Avocados

Marks and Spencers are heroes of the food industry and have introduced a stoneless avocado. This so-called “Cocktail Avocado” is made so that it can be eaten whole with the skin being smooth and edible as well.

These plants are grown in Spain and grown without the stone in. They are usually used by high-end Paris restaurants, however, Marks and Spencer’s have managed to get a limited stock of them.

These stoneless avocados could save a lot of people from having injuries which would be very good for A&E departments with many doctors complaining about the increased amount of patients having this specific injury causing a post-brunch serge.

So could these stoneless avocados save many people from injury? Only time will tell.

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