The Best Christmas Jumpers available to buy this Christmas

by Alex Burroughes

Nothing screams festive cheer quite like a good festive christmas jumper. From novelty designs to 3D reindeer noses, cheap high street bargains to high-end designer numbers. They are comfortable great to wear and shows how much you love Christmas. The Snizl team have researched what’s on the market and here are 12 of our favourites.

Let Christmas Be Gin

Ah, who doesn’t love a bit of alcohol at Christmas? Well, this Christmas Jumper shows it. Perfect for any gin lover and a great Christmas jumper overall.

Get it here


Star Wars Christmas Tree

This cute little Star Wars Jumper is perfect for any of your friends who love Star Wars. With many of the spaceships and the death star appearing in this amazing Jumper which is a perfect mix of Star Wars and Christmas.

Find it here

Two for One Christmas Jumper

This Crazy Jumper from Truffles Shuffle in Stoke is literally two for the price of one. An amazingly funny jumper it would be great for a Christmas jumper day at work and would make you (and your friend) the centre of attention.

Find it here

Nerdy Reindeer

This is a great design and perfect for any teenager with the cute reindeer looking sassy in some nerdy spectacles. A great Christmas Jumper from the Student Union at Sheffield University who have several other designs you can pick up.

Find it here

Santa on a Unicorn Christmas Jumper

This Christmas Jumper from Manchester Business Thunder Egg is extremely weird with the Santa riding a Unicorn which is about as insane as it sounds. Despite it’s craziness, it is still quite a lovely Christmas Jumper. Santa looks very happy on his wonderful Unicorn and the teal colour is great compared to the red of Santa.

Find it here

Dog Christmas Pudding Jumper

We had to include at least one animal Christmas Jumper and this one is quite adorable. Put your dogs in this adorable little Christmas pudding outfit and watch them run about in the cold December days looking like a Christmas delight.

Find it here

Christmas Santa And Dino Jumper

Perfect for Christmas, this novelty jumper comes with a bold cartoon print. Knitted in a cotton rich material, it’s long sleeves provide an extra snuggled feel. This is perfect for any child who loves Dinosaurs.

Find it here

Navy Polar Bear Christmas Jumper

This jumper is just adorable the cute polar bear occupied by a tiny little bird is amazing. This is also a great jumper cause it’s 3D with its incredible fur of the Polar Bear which honestly makes it more adorable.

Find it here

Ay up ma Duck

This Christmas Jumper is perfect for anyone in Nottingham. The great traditional Nottinghamshire phrase “Ay up, me Duck” As well as many more Christmas jumpers from their brilliant store which also has tons more of funny items. Amazing for anyone from Nottingham.

Find it here

Chewbacca Light-up Christmas Jumper


Mixing the two biggest events this December. Many people are excited about the new Star Wars Film coming out and this amazing Christmas Jumper shows your love for both Star Wars and this great season. The cute Chewbacca is wrapped up in Christmas lights that also light up making this jumper even better.

Find it here

Retro Video Game Christmas Jumper

From Mario to Legend of Zelda these Christmas Jumpers are perfect for any geek or nerd who loves video games. With great designs somehow, these Jumpers use just video game items and characters and still look like a great Christmas Jumper.

Find it here

Merry Pugmas Christmas Jumper

Celebrate Christmas with this adorable and humours jumper. From Universal Textiles in Leicester, this amazing Jumper is perfect for dog lovers everywhere. The best part is the adorable bow tie that the pug is wearing which tops of this amazing jumper.

Find them here


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