The Best 12 Gifts to buy School Teachers this Christmas


While doing some Christmas shopping at the weekend, I bumped into a friend, (parent of a child at school with my daughter). She was looking quite weary, and not at all full of festive cheer, as she wondered over towards me laden with bags of gifts. Gifts not for her family and loved ones, but gifts for her four children’s teachers. She was stressed about whether she had bought the right types of gifts, I mean what sort of things do teachers like anyway?

These days parents seem to load their kid’s teachers’ desks with presents, real presents, boxed, wrapped, and everything.

To give or not to give? Whom to give, and what to give? These are the questions going through the minds of many parents at this time of year. Are you giving a gift to show gratitude for the role a teacher has played in your child’s life, or are you just giving a gift because everyone else is?

Can a teacher have too many store gift cards? Is alcohol an acceptable gift for a teacher? Will they see homemade cookies as heart-warming or a health risk?

Here at Snizl we have done some research and put together some fantastic school teacher gift ideas, meaning one less stress for you to worry about this Christmas.

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