The Best 12 Gifts to buy School Teachers this Christmas

by Alex Burroughes


While doing some Christmas shopping at the weekend, I bumped into a friend, (parent of a child at school with my daughter). She was looking quite weary, and not at all full of festive cheer, as she wondered over towards me laden with bags of gifts. Gifts not for her family and loved ones, but gifts for her four children’s teachers. She was stressed about whether she had bought the right types of gifts, I mean what sort of things do teachers like anyway?

These days parents seem to load their kid’s teachers’ desks with presents, real presents, boxed, wrapped, and everything.

To give or not to give? Whom to give, and what to give? These are the questions going through the minds of many parents at this time of year. Are you giving a gift to show gratitude for the role a teacher has played in your child’s life, or are you just giving a gift because everyone else is?

Can a teacher have too many store gift cards? Is alcohol an acceptable gift for a teacher? Will they see homemade cookies as heart-warming or a health risk?

Here at Snizl we have done some research and put together some fantastic school teacher gift ideas, meaning one less stress for you to worry about this Christmas.

Thank you Candle

An exquisite blend of fig and apple blossom combine to create this truly beautiful scent. Soft notes of violet complete this feminine fragrance, the perfect way to say thank you.

Find them here

Teachers Wine Glass

This playful Teachers Wine Glass would make the perfect end of term teacher’s gift. Perfect as your child’s end of term teachers present or as a gift for an overworked teacher you know, this hand etched wine glass will definitely raise a smile.

Find them here

Personalised Wooden Gift Teacher Christmas Decoration

This beautiful jigsaw decoration will bring fun to your teacher’s Christmas tree as well as a novel way of saying thank you this festive season.

Find it here

Personalised Christmas Chocolates

A lovely present for a teacher as an end of term Christmas thank you. Each tin can be personalised with your own message. A perfect end of term gift.

Find it here

Christmas Jumper

Since it is the Christmas season why not get them a Christmas Jumper which would be a lovely gift. These cosy Christmas jumpers from Leicester are wonderful and you should check them out as they would be a great present for a teacher.

Find it here

Fatlip Shop

A Jewellery one this store in Worcester has some amazing designs for you to get. From necklaces to scarfs they also have some great collections of colours and these would be a great gift for a teacher.

Find it here 


Flowers are another classic gift that you could get your children’s teacher and we have just the website tree2ymydoor allows you to pick the perfect flower and then deliver it straight to the teachers school so is a great and easy gift to get.

Find it here

Jewellery By

This small little company in Stoke has a great gift for both male and female teachers which is a gift voucher this will allow them to get whatever they want from bracelets to cufflinks a great choice in their store which is perfect for teachers.

Find it here

Chocolate Make Up Set

This small online store from Sheffield has a perfect gift this Chocolate Make Up Set is amazing and will bring a smile to any teachers face (Unless they are allergic to Chocolate) Containing a mirror, hairbrush, blusher brush, nail varnish, lipstick, and bag, all handmade from the finest quality milk chocolate, this stylish selection makes a fabulous present.

FInd it here

Personalised Christmas Cards From Altered Chic

These adorable cards are great for any teacher with some amazing selection which is sure to make the teacher love them such as the great apple card or the wooden tile card. These are personalised and great for any teacher.

Find it here

Personalised Football Gifts

If they love Football you will love these Football Personalised gifts featuring some of the best players from around the world and in the Premier League.

Find it here 

Bags & purses from Bliss Boutique

These fashionable bags would be great for a teacher with some great fashionable designs and comfortable feel they would be a great present for your child’s teacher.

Find them here

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