The Best-Selling Ice-cream Sandwiches this Summer

So we’ve written about sandwiches… and we’ve written about ice cream, but now, we’re onto something much better, ice cream sandwiches! Doesn’t the thought of the smooth vanilla and crispy wafer just take you back to being a child? Sitting on a British beach or on the grass in your garden happily getting sticky fingers and letting it melt down your arm with the only care in the world being if you’re going to be able to keep it all together before it melts completely!

The ice cream sandwiches listed at the bottom of the list are from all over the UK, they’re impressive and decadent. At the top, we’ve added three of the best selling ice cream sandwiches you can buy in the supermarket this summer and enjoy on Ice-Cream Sandwich Day on the 2nd of August in this great British heatwave…


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