So we’ve written about sandwiches… and we’ve written about ice cream, but now, we’re onto something much better, ice cream sandwiches! Doesn’t the thought of the smooth vanilla and crispy wafer just take you back to being a child? Sitting on a British beach or on the grass in your garden happily getting sticky fingers and letting it melt down your arm with the only care in the world being if you’re going to be able to keep it all together before it melts completely!

The ice cream sandwiches listed at the bottom of the list are from all over the UK, they’re impressive and decadent. At the top, we’ve added three of the best selling ice cream sandwiches you can buy in the supermarket this summer and enjoy on Ice-Cream Sandwich Day on the 2nd of August in this great British heatwave…

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

by: Sainsbury’s

Price: £3.00

Chocolate flavoured sandwich biscuits filled with vanilla flavour ice cream with crushed biscuit pieces with a vanilla flavour filling! Great for on the go, to enjoy at home, or at the beach and certainly suitable for vegetarians.


Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough ‘Wich

by: Waitrose

Price: £4.20

Ben & Jerry’s are proud to present the hand-finished Wich’: Legendary Cookie Dough ice cream, sandwiched between soft-baked chocolate chip cookies. Cookies and ice cream are good together in any Wich way! They work with Fairtrade certified producers for cocoa, sugar, and vanilla. All of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is made with free range eggs, and we use responsibly-sourced packaging.


Nestle Maxibon 4 Ice Cream Sandwich

by: ASDA

Price: £4.00

No artificial colours or preservatives in these delicious Nestle icecreams perfect for days out in the Summer holidays!


Scoop Up Pop-Up Ice Cream Sandwich Shop

Mayfield Train Station, Baring St,
Greater Manchester
M1 2AD

Ditch your Cornetto and step away from the Viennetta – ice cream is about to get so much better.

Just when you through the frozen treat couldn’t be improved upon, someone goes and sticks it between a macaron, covers it in sticky sweet popcorn, and BOOM – you’ve got yourself one of the best ice cream sandwiches you’ve laid eyes upon.

Scoop Up is a new ice cream street food trader, who specialises in sandwiching the cold stuff between cookies, biscuits, macaroons and whatever other delicious discs they see fit.


Mister Fitz pop-up Ice Cream Sandwich Shop

21 Great Windmill St, Soho
Greater London

Mister Fitz is a traditional ice cream parlour specialising in hand-made, original recipe ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. Intent on returning ice cream to the way it used to be made, Mister Fitz employs the same small-batch mentality used in the kitchen all those years ago.

Shunning the powdered bases and aeration processes popular in many chains, the final product is a creamy, nostalgic experience, which pairs particularly well with our range of baked-in-house cookies, brownies and waffle cones. From the opening page to the closing chapter, everything Mister Fitz creates happens inside its doors, and it’s this nurturing that produces a final product like no other.


Heddon Street Kitchen Ice Cream Sandwich Dessert

Regent Street Food Quarter, 3 – 9 Heddon Street
Greater London

The Sandwich: Heddon Street Kitchen is another string to Gordon Ramsay’s forever growing bow. A European brasserie serving breakfast, brunch, right through until dinner. Their ice cream sandwich served from their retro ice cream parlour upstairs starts with the chocolate chip cookie base and is filled with a generous serving of soft serve. Choose between any flavour from ice cream machine to fill the centre, topped off with caramel and chocolate sauce – a winning combination.



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