Leicesters very own chocolatier, Cocoa Amore

Smooth milk chocolate is one of the finest man-made pleasures. From the cocoa bean discovery to the introduction of drinking chocolate, from bars on corner shop shelves to the eggs at Easter. The sugary sweet confectionary has come a long way! Now, we have toffees and honeycomb, and truffles and caramels, along with all the other different types of chocolatey treats. But sometimes it’s hard to come across a bar of chocolate that’s worthwhile, as it can be made easily and cheaply. But, there’s nothing better than quality when it comes to chocolate. And that’s where Cocoa Amore comes in.

Cocoa Amore Leicester, located at 34 Silver Street, LE1 5ET, has been the home of fine chocolatiering for the past 5 years. Not only have they won first place for the best shopping experience on Tripadvisor, but they’re making local and independent shopping for confectionary more exciting!

Cocoa Amore ship Casa Luker chocolate from Columbia for all their house-made products. Their range includes boxes of chocolate, drinking chocolate and slabs of the stuff in either dark, white or milk! Casa Luker chocolate includes 100% cocoa butter and natural vanilla in all their products, selecting the best cocoa Fino de Aroma beans from Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. The chocolate has an exquisite flavour, rich in top quality cocoa.

What kind of products does Cocoa Amore sell?

Cocoa Amore specialises in lots of individual tasty treats. For example, there are the seasonal selection boxes, which you can buy for friends and family on special occasions. There are also bags of chocolate coated hazelnuts, chocolate coated cinder toffee and chocolate coated Columbian coffee beans, which you can find here! Finally, they offer the option to ‘Build Your Own Bar’ for just £5, available in dark or milk chocolate and serving as a perfect gift for a loved one, or a treat for yourself!

Workshops at Cocoa Amore

Their services don’t stop there, Cocoa Amore also offers three different types of workshops, where customers and guests can get involved and make their own delicious treats. The Chocolate Workshop is a brilliant way to learn the history of Cocoa and the basics of chocolate making; perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! It’s a wonderfully relaxed couple of hours indulging in the art of chocolate-making, giving you the skills to make similar treats at home in your own kitchen.

The Truffle Workshop is designed purely for groups of people and parties of guests, making it ideally suited to hen parties, workplace team events and birthdays. Here, guests can talk about the origin of Cocoa and take part in chocolate tasting from across the Cocoa belt. Then, groups will finish with truffle making.

Lastly, guests can take part in the Chocolate Stiletto Workshop again designed particularly for Parties and Hen dos. After taking part in chocolate tasting from the across the cocoa belt, guests will learn about the origin and history of the chocolate, then take part in moulding and decorating chocolate stilettos filled with the parties own choice of handmade truffles!

After speaking to Cocoa Amores manager, we weren’t surprised to hear that the workshops are successful “We’ve been hosting the Chocolate workshops on Wednesdays and Saturdays for 9 years now. They tend to get really busy and people have kept coming!”

“Although we have no events planned in our store as of yet, we are opening our second store in Newark, near Belvoir Castle in around 5 weeks time, so we’re hoping that will be busy like our Leicester store. We’ve had to employ more staff.”

“We’re almost an asset to Leicester because we understand our products. We’re not like the chain brands, like Thorntons, because we understand our chocolate, we know where it comes from and we make our products right in front of our customer’s eyes. It’s the quality that matters. Usually, people come from all over for the homemade chocolate, especially for our seasonal products.”

If you want to get involved for Milk Chocolate Day in the USA on the 28th July, head down to Cocoa Amore and see for yourself some of the wonderful homemade delights they have to offer. Or you can visit them on snizl and order them online and indulge in the comfort of your own home.

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