7 Healthy Eating Places in Nottingham You Must Try

Do you find eating your five a day challenging? Are mealtimes stressful when trying to prepare a healthy dish for the family? Should we all be counting our calories?

I think not. Maintaining a healthy balanced diet doesn’t have to be this difficult! Although with foods having hidden fats, salts and sugars, we never really know what we’re popping into our mouths – so it’s almost impossible to know whether it’s truly good for you unless we¬†make it our selves.

Due to the increase in health issues relating to obesity and heart problems from the fast food we Brits consume every day, there have been many gaps in the market for businesses to bring out healthier food options, and there’s been a rise in ‘clean eating’ restaurants, eateries and cafes!

Here are Nottinghams most popular places to buy and eat healthy food:

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