Bonfire Night 2020: How to DIY at home!

Although the majority of Bonfire Night Events have been cancelled this year due to local lockdowns and covid restriction rules, there’s still plenty of ways you can enjoy 5th November.

At Snizl, we’re dedicated to making sure national holidays and events remain filled with excitement and fun, regardless of covid – because we believe it’s important to grasp a sense of normality and come together through difficult times.

Drive-In Firework Displays in the UK

If you still want the thrill of seeing a large firework display surrounded by like-minded families aand couples, there are a few going on within the UK.

From Sotterley Hall Estate, Suffolk and their £8 per adult £5 per child drive-in sparkling display, to Wadebridge in Cornwall’s £30 per car Bonfire Night Showground event – there’s a handful of drive-in displays to attend. Some even allow bookings for food and drink!

Staying at home?

Firstly, sparklers to start the evening

Just like a mini firework, sparklers are perfect for celebrating Bonfire Night at home. Gather in the garden when the sun goes down and watch them pop, sizzle and sparkle right before your eyes.

Then, Apple Bobbing

Traditionally a Halloween game, yes. But as suggested by Gemma Collins a.k.a the GC herself, apple bobbing is set to make a comeback for festivities in 2020. Apple bobbing is a simple but exciting game you can do at home with the family. Create a prize for the winner of who can bob the most apples and you’re all set for an evening full of goofy laughter!

Or just watch this video its equally as funny.

Thirdly, enjoy a small DIY Firework Display

If you have a wide-open space at home, you may be tempted to host your very own DIY Firework Display. However, it’s vital you stick to government guideline restrictions and have the correct equipment and responsible personnel should you think about hosting a Firework Display for the people within your household.

“Think about your neighbours, particularly older people or those who are self-isolating, pets and of course those of us in the emergency services”

– Paul Jennings, deputy assistant commissioner London Fire Brigade.

Nonetheless, we have small fireworks on the Snizl feed which produce minimal noise and last only a couple of minutes – oh, there’s a sale on too!

Treat them with s’mores making

YUM – Now who doesn’t love chocolate, biscuit and marshmallow, yes, tumbleweed, as expected.

Making s’mores is quick, easy and delicious and is the perfect addition to a DIY Bonfire Night.

Wind down and print a FREE colouring-in sheet to end the night

To end your at-home DIY Bonfire extravaganza, set the kids up at the dining table and download and print this exciting colouring-in sheet – a final fun activity to celebrate the night of Guy Fawkes and make Bonfire Night 2020 one to remember.

We hope you found our ideas useful and have an excellent Bonfire Night regardless of our current circumstances. It’s important to enjoy the little things in life like spending time with your family as the world moves through the health crisis, so whatever you do, we hope you have fun and be safe.

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