10 Independent Instagram Businesses you NEED to be Following!

This week at Snizl, we set out to find 10 Independent Instagram businesses you need to be following. Why? Because now more than ever, we realise that small businesses are what keep the country going and the economy flowing. Without them, we wouldn’t be blessed with some of the unique products we know and love, and our market wouldn’t be as diverse as it is today.

Below, we dive into 11 completely different businesses we scoured Instagram to find in hopes that you, our readers, will begin to understand the sheer quality social media platforms hold in terms of small businesses, specific niches and diverse products – and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s get stuck in…

While lockdown has felt pretty stagnant for most of us, the colourful community of independent businesses on social media are quite the opposite. Despite pushbacks caused by the pandemic, independent business owners have channelled passion and drive to keep their businesses alive. Given all the free time people have had to decide what they truly want for themselves and their business, it’s clear that although living through COVID has been hard, it has also been very eye-opening and rewarding.


Velvaere Studios Ltd run their business on instagram and have a website
Masters of a sleek and contemporary look, Velvaere Studios Ltd use social media to post testimonials, updates about blog posts and the services in which they offer.

If you are someone into all things health and wellness and you’re ready to take the next step in setting up somewhere in your home for exactly that, we recommend you head straight to Instagram and follow Velvaere Studios Ltd. They’re passionate about designing a space fit for becoming the best version of yourself.

“At Velvaere Studios we believe that the right wellness environment can give you just as much energy as you take from your workout. 


By being more than just the equipment in them. Your wellness studio should be a truly inspiring space that reflects your own aspirations for self-improvement and greater wellbeing. That’s what we do…

… We design and create wellness studios that not only make you look good but feel great. Because wellness isn’t just a hobby. It’s your health. A lifestyle. Culture. Mindset. It’s about how you look and feel. 

At Velvaere Studios, we specialise in the design and equipment fit-out of fitness and wellness studios.

Our services range from the concept creation, interior design, room layout and detailed design. We also provide high-quality strength and cardio fitness equipment, flooring, wall finishes, audiovisual and air conditioning.”

Morgan Beilby
Managing Director, Velvaere Studios Ltd


Tigers eye is another instagram businesses ran by Hollie
Ahem, can family and friends take note plz it’s Christmas in a month.

Switching it up, let’s take a look at Holliebea Bonsall’s business. By combining her love for positive energy and handmade jewellery, Hollie’s business idea was sparked by a recent trip to Ibiza.

My business idea wouldn’t have been a thought in my head without a trip I took to San Antonio, Ibiza. Me and my friend decided to take a walk to old Ibiza town and see another part of the island we hadn’t seen before, I went past the most beautiful independent store full of all kinds of different things and the stand that caught my eye was full of raw crystal necklaces, I was instantly drawn to an aquamarine! Since buying it I wore it constantly as it made me feel more safe and secure. After a year I lost it, I don’t think I clipped it on properly and it must have just fallen from my neck! I tried everything to replace it, I brought a couple of necklaces online and nothing felt the same. I then came up with the idea of making one myself and buying a raw crystal stone that looked like the one I lost to try and mirror it to the way I wanted it. After a couple of tries and playing around with different wires and techniques I finally made one I was obsessed with. I loved doing this so much I decided to keep on making them for people in hopes that they’d love them as much as I did.

I handmake everything myself and even personally pick the crystals I use so I can make sure they are the best shapes to create from. I haven’t yet got a website as I mainly run from social media as I’ve already been quite savvy on social media!

My business name “tigers eye” is named after one of my favourite crystals. The tiger’s eye crystal is a crystal of confidence and bringing you good luck which is 2 of the key things I wanted to start my business. Crystal necklaces are the best way to get your crystal close to your heart. There is a crystal for everyone. The one thing I love so much about the crystal necklaces is that no two are the name, they are all unique…

Holliebea Bonsall
Owner, Tigers Eye


Clarepalmerart produces stunning art and posts it to instagram, thats why we have included her in our list of instagram businesses
… It’s not a want it’s a need and I need one in every room.

What a better way to brighten up your home this Winter than with art. This account honestly took us all back at the Snizl office, from her portraits to her nudes, Clare Palmer ‘merges realism with bold colour experiments’ and I (along with nearly 900 others) am most certainly here for it. Read what she’s said below, her story is truly inspirational.

I’ve loved art since I was a child. My uncle is a professional artist and he inspired me a lot. I did art GCSE & A level but decided against doing it at uni and pursued a more traditional/ stable career. I had a period of a few years of not really painting at all but this year I found myself with a lot of spare time and it really helps with my anxiety.

I picked up portraits again in March and it was the first portrait I’d ever sold. I continued doing about 1 per month and I’ve sold 8 out of the 9 I’ve done. In August I wanted to try something different just for fun and tried a nude. I had done life drawing classes before and wanted to get back into it. I thought my first one was terrible but I had so many messages asking to buy it. I spent about 2 weeks practising my technique and then advertised them for sale on a commission basis via Instagram and demand was actually too high to keep up with.

This time last year I had never made a profit from art and I’m ending this year with over a grand in profit (total earnings about 2k) which isn’t loads but it’s a huge milestone for me especially as I have a full-time office job too.

Hopefully one day I’ll earn enough to do it as a career.

In terms of why I choose to do the paintings I do: with portraits, they have to be iconic and popular. From a business perspective, that’s what’s likely to sell. The Bob Marley portrait I did got shared by his official Instagram and got over 100,000 likes which led a lot of traffic to my page & I had more people asking for me to do another one. I incorporate a lot of colour to make each piece more individual.

With nudes, I basically just love painting the female body and it was a chance for me to put my own stamp on something. I’ve not seen nudes like the ones I do before.

Clare Palmer
Artist and Owner, Clare Palmer Art


Holly Wilde from Nottingham bakes and delivers them - another one of our Instagram businesses
I’ll take it all

One to make your belly rumble, @wilde.bakes on Instagram post weekly mouth-watering content. Holly Wilde uses Instagram to promote delicious home-made desserts. From brownies to blondies, cupcakes to cookies if you’re in or around Nottingham and have a special occasion coming up or you’ve simply just got a sweet tooth drop her a DM.

I’ve always loved baking and I’ve had so many compliments so I decided to do it alongside working full time. I love experimenting with flavours etc and I’m always happy to try something new for customers. I find it a really good distraction and don’t see it as work but more of a hobby!

Holly Wilde
Owner, Wilde Bakes


Trust us, watch this space!

On to fashion now and with a conscious push to move away from fast fashion brands to become more sustainable, ethical beings, Kitty Dashper formed what’s known today as DASHPER STUDIOS. Handmade clothing from a fashion student and guru her self – so you know that what you’re receiving is top-notch quality.

So I designed the style of top I made a while back at uni. I used to wear it/post it and loads of people would ask where it’s from so I always wanted to make more to sell. So then, when we went into lockdown, I set my Instagram business up and got it all going as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time! I ship products but only to the UK at the mo.

Kitty Dashper
Designer and Owner, Dashper Studios


A feed to die for!

Not just another clothing line. Sigourney Messam started handmaking and selling crochet clothing but began to branch out, now producing a wide range of beautiful products such as accessories, baby clothing, home decor, paintings and much more. If you’re a fan of all things handmade and want to support more independent business, start with @sigmadeit.

Sig Made It was originally made as a way to have unique crochet clothing pieces that fit perfectly. Since then it has become so much more. I now focus on home decor and crochet pieces and if you really need to leave the house this winter we make scarves and hats. Check out our crocheted blankets, coasters & cushions to add texture to your home. We also have crocheted clothing & accessories, from bobbles, headbands, and baby rompers.

Sigourney Messam
Owner, Sig Made It


The colours omg

In need of some high-quality garms? Checkout Elbow Bump Apparel on Instagram. Using 100% organic and sustainable materials, the unisex pastel coloured T’s, jumpers and their limited edition corduroy caps born and bred in London will have you gushing at the knees – or elbows for that matter.

We are a relatively new business that launched in October run by three friends that wanted to do something fun and productive over lockdown. We hand print our own designs onto short and long sleeve t-shirts and hoodies which are made from organic cotton and recycled polyester.

We ship to anywhere in the world in our biodegradable postage bags!

Charlie, Jack & Jamie
Owners, Elbow Bump Apparel


The entrepreneur behind Desi Prints proves that even if you’re at university or college yet want to earn an extra income, utilising skills learnt along the road of education will benefit you more than diving into something completely unknown.

Tia Cole started her Instagram business, Desi Prints, after realising there was a demand for designer themed prints although not much supply. Combining her love for all things classy and a pool of knowledge on Adobe Illustrator and other design technologies, Desi Prints was born.

With prices starting from just £4.00 and with hundreds of frequently returning, loyal customers it’s clear to see that even without a huge following, putting skills into place to earn an extra income is definitely possible through the power of social media.

I was quite young when I started Desi Prints but I’ve always been driven and have a passion for design, decor and a modern, sleek home look. I use Instagram to market my products and offer discounts for first-time customers. I love running this small business on the side of studying and I’ve had so many positive reviews of many of my customers and I don’t intend to stay at this pace. I want to grow my business further as it’s given me a financial boost and has kept me busy during Lockdown.

Tia Cole
Owner, Desi Prints


I think this is an account all us girls need to follow. With the world in mind, Jojoe Collective create stunning pieces of underwear they like to call #ecounderwear. There’s nothing better than eco-conscious brands making a stand and bossing social media while they’re at it. By using social media to post oh-so-relatable quotes alongside market their stunning seamless undies, they’re certainly follow-worthy.

We are part of the Starkers group who have over 25 years experience in lingerie and underwear with Jojoe joining in October, launching first in ASOS and LoveHoney. We are an eco-conscious brand, made with 80% recycled materials, using bonded seams and printed care labels to reduce wastage. We are also affordable, unlike some ethical/sustainable brands starting at only £8!

Libby Jackson
Lingerie Marketer, Jojoe Collective


Last but by no means least, Bridgford Contracts Ltd. Specialising in refurbishment, construction and maintenance, their Instagram and the projects they’ve pulled off are nothing short of impressive. Combining years worth of experience and background knowledge, the lads at Bridgford Contracts Ltd take dated, rundown spaces and take them to the next level.

Incredible independent instagram businesses…

We hope you found this list of independent Instagram businesses interesting and now have more of an understanding about the diversity and sheer quality just waiting to be discovered on social media.

Have you got a hidden talent you could monetize? Have you followed any of these businesses? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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