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Half Term: What To Do During Lockdown

It’s October Half Term very soon and for some locations within the UK, it’s also the return of Lockdown… famously trending as #Lockdown2 on Twitter.

Keeping the kids occupied for a whole week may sound daunting, but not to worry, we’ve listed 6 ways you can do just that, even with the new social distancing government guidelines. From activities within your home to exciting places to visit (remember your masks!), we’re here to give you a weeks worth of fun stuff to get stuck into while at home with the family.

Before continuing, if you are unsure where your local area ranks on the COVID alert level please visit the alert level websitehere you’ll find out what businesses and attractions are open during Half Term.

Prepare for Halloween with our list of exciting Halloween Ideas

To ensure you still have an eventful Halloween this year, we’ve put together a list of activities and fun you can do while at home. There may be no trick or treating in your local area, but that doesn’t mean the kids cant enjoy getting dressed up, carving pumpkins and tearing into their favourite sweet treats.

Click below to read our short blog ‘Halloween: How To Celebrate During Lockdown’ containing some FREE downloadable colouring-in sheets, 2 freakishly good NEW Competitions, and a selection of fun Halloween activities.

Children celebrating Halloween at Half Term

Visit a museum

Combine fun and learning this October. Load up the car with sandwiches and drinks and take the family on a road trip to an exciting museum. The kids may have had a chunk out of their education this year due to COVID, so why not keep their brains engaged throughout this half term by visiting a museum.

Not sure where best to visit? Check out this list of ‘Top 10 UK museums for families for October half-term‘.

Visit museums during Half Term to keep the family entertained

Get your bake on

Half term is a great time to take up baking. It’s educational, fun and even comes with a reward at the end – a recipe for a very good day! You’ll be abiding by social distancing rules, doing your part for the community and your family will benefit from spending quality time together as now everyone is back to work it may not be such a common occurrence.

Did you know? You can get a monthly baking subscription delivered to your door, packed with a tasty selection of baking ingredients and a fun activity book! Just click the button below to find out more…

Do some baking during Half Term to educate and engage the kids.

Outdoor activities

The weather in October is certianly much colder, and what with the nights getting darker it sure does feel Wintery. But, if you’re feeling like the family could do with some outdoor time getting back in touch with nature, what a better way to do it than taking a walk, going on a bike ride or flying through the trees in your nearest forest?

Sound cool? Visit Go Ape with the family for their Treetop Adventure this October. Open and ready to take bookings, Go Ape Treetop Adventure is family-fuelled fun in the great outdoors. Designed with the younger family in mind you can either harness up and join in or cheer on from the forest floor. With plenty of high rope adventures to choose from across the UK you can be sure to find a treetop trek on your doorstep.

Visit Go Ape for some outdoor fun

Integrate story time

Looking to do something a little more chilled this half term? Why not integrate time for reading each day. Reading is a great way to escape reality, transporting from the world we live in now, to a world within a great book. It’ll exercise their minds, improve essential English skills for school and it’s great for their imagination.

Not sure where to look for new books they’ll love? Check out this list of The Best New Book Releases For Autumn 2020!

Or, check out books on Snizl by fantastic independent businesses.

Reading outside in Autumn is a great way to spend an hour a day during Half Term.

At-home science

Do you think your kids would like to make their own lava lamp, slime, cool colourful patterns, mouldable clay? Try fun at-home science experiments!

Experimenting and creating your very own science experiments may be something you haven’t done before. It’s fun, educational and you can usually find most of the ingredients lying about the house.

On Youtube, there are so many science experiments you can do with the kids. Lay down a plastic sheet on the dining table along with bowls of everything needed and enjoy an afternoon of consensual mess!

Here’s a video you can watch to start you off…

Parental guidance is advised.

We hope you found this blog helpful and have a fantastic half-term – if you’re on lockdown once again, go ahead and read our other blog listing ways you and the family can stay occupied.

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