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It’s a refreshing change to find a competitions website that’s not funded by web ads or data capture. Snizl is a platform that promotes local, small businesses and uses competitions as a tool to let business owners engage with an audience of potential customers.


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Most competition websites tend to bring together competitions from numerous other sources into one place. They are basically just a directory of competitions from everywhere. To enter these competitions, you are directed to third party websites where you will then have to check the competition is still valid and enter all your details for every competition you enter. These sites then often sell your data onto third parties resulting in lots of unwanted spam.

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At Snizl you can be assured that we would never sell your data to any third parties. Every competition on our site is managed by us, solely for the benefit of our local business partners; making each competition completely exclusive to us. You just need to sign up to Snizl the first time you use the site and then you can enter competitions as and when you choose.


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Snizl competitions are always free and fair with the only cost of entry a ‘follow’ to the business offering the prize. A truly hassle-free and positive comping experience that help small, local businesses get noticed.

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