Local businesses struggling to remain ‘open in the snow are letting customers know their real-time status using the new ‘push notification alerts’ on the Snizl platform  

It’s ‘snow’ joke when you have to close your doors due to the weather! Yet, this is what has happened to thousands of UK businesses as the ‘Beast from the East’ took hold last week.


The snowstorms and unseasonably low temperatures made is near on impossible for retailers and publicans, beauty businesses and restaurants to remain open. Customers and staff stayed away in droves, choosing to remain safe and warm whilst the ‘beast’ did it’s worse.

Surprisingly, we saw a lot of action from our Snizl clients as the feeds went into overdrive, filled with messages from savvy business owners, letting their customers know whether they were open or closed in the bad weather.

Using Snizl ‘Alerts’ businesses can let their customers know what’s happening, quicker, better and more effectively than anything else available to them. ‘

“A Facebook post would only reach a few people and an email blast just a few more, whereas a Snizl  alert, direct to the device of the customers who follow you would reach just about everyone.” Said Chris Hill, Snizl CEO.

Jiten Gohil of Royal Court Shoe Repair in Narborough, Leicester sent a Snizl Alert to his 966 Snizl followers to let them know that he was still open for business.


royal court shoes snizl post


‘It’s a great way to contact customers!’ said Jiten. ‘We use Snizl for promotion, communication and instant offers,  so it made perfect sense to let loyal customers know that we are open in the snow.’

Some other businesses who used Snizl to inform their customers included Art Galleries, Pubs, Restaurants, Retail Outlets and even Leicestershire County Cricket Club who have been Snizl partners since last year.


LCCC on Snizl


“The weather has played havoc with the High Street” said Chris Hill, Snizl’s founder and CEO, local businesses have enough problems without trading days lost to bad weather.

“We like to think that we are providing an excellent service as well as the best and most unique way to touch a local audience.”

Snizl’s marketing department was in full swing last week, promoting posts and blogging about businesses affected by the weather but now the snow has cleared, we can all get on with more interesting things, like looking after our customers.


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