It’s Mini Golf Day!

There are so many things in life where someone has thought; ‘this is great but do you know what would make it even better? Let’s make it smaller’. Chocolate eggs, for example.  You really can’t beat a bag of mini eggs. People have also done it with bottles of prosecco, with suitcases, and with things as random as cheese graters. And given the track record of proven success with making things mini, it should come as no surprise that mini golf is a big hit.

While normal golf is usually associated with middle-aged, middle class men, mini golf is loved by all. A family favourite, this classic game will bring back fond memories of your parents taking pity on you as a child and “calling it a 7” when you’d been trying and failing on the same hole for longer than you care to admit. And as you get older, it’s a great icebreaker for a first date, with no awkward silences and plenty of opportunity to laugh at eachother’s bad aim. And as a group of friends, it’s a fun weekend activity and offers something different from the normal ‘let’s hang out’.

Not to mention that traditional golf can take hours on end, while mini golf only lasts long enough for it to still be fun. Given the consistent unpredictability of the British weather though, it could often be a gamble as to whether or not you’d be able to play. So someone smart started building indoor mini golf courses too. The perfect rainy day activity!

At Snizl HQ, we love a good unofficial, fun holiday. And today, September 21, is mini golf day. A day to appreciate all things crazy and adventurous. And there’s a great course near you! Filled with the obligatory windmills, jeeps, animals and bridges, discover your local mini golf course today!

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