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Top 10 Fictional Mums

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it has got us thinking about how great Mums are. They do so much for us and make us feel loved which is what makes them so amazing.

There are many great Mum’s in Film and Television as well but which are the best. Well, we here at Snizl have compiled a list of our Top 10 fictional Mums to celebrate Mother’s Day!

Lucy Ricardo

Going all the way back to 1951 and for good reason. I love Lucy is a television classic however it is on this list for a very specific reason. Lucy Ricardo was the first television character to be shown as pregnant.

Lucy was a great mom. She always encouraged her son Little Ricky’s musical talents and sometimes ended out performing with him.

Molly Weasley

The Harry Potter books and films have shaped a generation. Wonderfully crafted and superb. It is likely to go down as one of the greatest film franchises in history.

Molly Weasley not only looks after her 7 children but acts as a mother figure to Harry and Hermione. Loving and caring are the two best words to describe Molly Weasley. She wants the best for her children and for Harry and she even has to put up with Fred and George’s insane antics. She also delivers one of the best lines in all the movies when she protects her daughter from Bellatrixix Lestrange.

Frannie Lancaster

Fault in our Stars is not a film for the emotional. This young adult novel dives into what life is like with terminal cancer. Again we can’t stress this is not a film for the emotional.

Frannie Lancaster is a minor character in the film, however, she is a wonderful mother. Constantly trying to do her best for the main character Hazel. She tries her best to make Hazel feel like a normal teenager and even takes classes to learn how to be a social worker who specializes in counselling parents of children suffering from cancer.

Maria Van Trapp

The Sound of Music is just a great feel-good film. It has some amazing music and a great story. A classic musical that you should definitely watch if you haven’t before.

Maria Van Trapp is the complete opposite of the classic Disney step-mum. Charming and loving she is the core of the film and is brought to life by the wonderful Julie Andrews.


Sarah Conner

The last few Terminator films may have not been great but Terminator 1 and 2 still stand out as great films. With amazing action and incredible story Terminator 1 was one of the greatest films of the 80s and then Terminator 2 Judgment Day took it to another level.

It takes an incredible mother to raise the saviour of the future. A badass mom who is willing to risk it all to save her son and therefore the future. We think it’s a bit unreasonable to ask anything else of a mother.

Helen Parr aka Elastigirl

We are so excited for the Incredibles 2. It looks amazing and the first Incredibles Film is such an amazing film.

Helen Parr is a super mum excuse the pun. Imagine raising a super child that has to be so difficult just look at Jack-Jack in the latest trailer. She makes sure all her children are cared for and generally wants the best for them. That’s why she makes this list cause she is incredible.

Donna Sheridan

Mamma Mia 2 trailer early last year surprised everyone. However more surprising is that the trailer hints that Donna Sheridan has died.

The film may have mixed reviews but it doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it you have to admit that Donna is a wonderful mum. Running a business whilst being a single mother well that proves how great she is but throughout the movie we get so many touching mother and daughter moments.

Marge Simpson

What can we say about the Simpsons that hasn’t already been said? It is still one of the biggest television shows in the world even though it is almost on its 30th season.

Marge Simpson is maybe the pinnacle of a Television Mum. She loves her children and tries her hardest to raise them properly even if Maggie still can’t talk after 29 years. She also has to look after Homer who acts like a child. She really is a wonderful mother and a patient wife cause seriously Homer just causes so many problems.


Beverly Goldberg

The Goldbergs is a fantastic show based on the childhood of its creators Adam F. Goldberg. The show is hilarious and delves into what it was like to grow up in the 80s.

The best character in the show is by far Adam’s mother Beverly Goldberg played by Wendy Anne McLendon-Covey. She is an extremely protective but loving Mother who cares and loves her children. (Maybe a bit too much) Many of the shows most memorable moments include Beverly and as much as she may be a little bit crazy she is an amazing Mum which is why she makes this list.

Evil Queen

The first ever Disney film is a classic and the Evil Queen who was Snow White’s stepmother. Wicked,  awful, horrible.

Well, at least she encouraged Snow White to eat fruits.




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