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Leicester Art Week 2017

Leicester Art Week is a festival celebrated by the whole city. Running from the 3rd November up until the 12th November.

During the week, organised exhibitions will take place showcasing significant parts of history all brought to you by Leicester Visual Arts. The aim is to promote Leicester City as a whole through the spectacular use of visual art. Something many people are fascinated with and have a common interest for. Therefore this festival of Art brings together all types of audiences through the vast amount of projects that will take place in Leicester over the 9 days.

Leicester Art Week 2017

What can I do?

Within Leicester Art Week, there will be activities that all the family can take part in, such as workshops to get involved with contemporary art. Lectures, to learn about the history of art. And some talks and tours of the universities and galleries taking part in Leicester art week.

If these sound interesting to you and you’re keen to find out more, follow this link to get involved:

Many people have been involved in the arts festival and in 1968 Paul McCartney became a part of it all. Back then it was just run by a group of women and the only aim was to attract the attention of the press. Now though, we see the festival being a lot more popular and engaging people from all over the UK.

The coordinated programme of exhibitions will be free for anyone to join in. Leicester Visual Arts just want to excite their audiences and what a way to do so!

Those taking part include De Montfort University, Attenborough Arts Centre, New Walk Museum, Leicester Print Workshop. Phoenix, Two Queens, Soft Touch, LCB Depot. StudionAme, and Leicester Sketch Club


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