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Beat the Facebook Business Page Blockade

Snizl gives Businesses the Solution

Here at Snizl, we have come up with an ingenious solution to Facebook’s recent ‘business page blockade’.

We have designed and developed a ground-breaking marketing concept that rewards peer-to-peer sharing across social media sites such as Facebook.

Snizl’s platform offers the chance for account holders to become ‘Promoters’ of Snizl-based local businesses. Users are notified of promotions and are tempted by incentives to share great deals, promotional posts, events and free competitions to their social media pages.

It is this type of consumer-led interaction that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg now wants to focus on: meaningful interaction and user-led status updates rather than branded advertising.

Our new platform is, therefore, the ideal way for local businesses to continue to get their word out. With Snizl’s software, they are able to continue to promote their brands to millions of users by word of mouth recommendation.

Snizl Promoters


Those who do share business promotions and the like across their social media accounts are also in line to be rewarded by businesses that choose to incentivise the interactions. Rewards are controlled by each business and may include monetary gifts or shop vouchers.

Chris Hill (Snizl’s founder and CEO) believes it’s a lovely way to do business. ‘A business’s most valuable asset is its people: like family, staff and customers, and Snizl lets the business owner reward its people for attracting footfall and generating sales through sharing nice things about the business.’

The Snizl platform is available on the web, iOS and Android devices and has taken four years and over £1million to develop. It was built in Nottingham, England and beta tested in California before being put to market in December last year.


Snizl - A thousand conversations about your business


Zuckerberg recently announced that Facebook intends to limit posts to the feed from business brands:

“Because space in News Feed is limited, showing more posts from friends and family and updates that spark conversation means we’ll show less public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses.”

“As we make these updates, Pages may see their reach, video watch time and referral traffic decrease.”

This is unwelcome news for the 65 million owners of business pages on the social media giant, and naturally small businesses will be hit hardest. Even now it is almost impossible to get an organic business page post even onto the timeline of people who have liked the business page.

Snizl’s solution to this restriction will work well for any business that currently uses a business page to cater for new and existing customers. Over 500 businesses have already registered with Snizl and 38,000 customers are actively browsing the platform since it was rolled-out over the last three months.

National brands and sports teams have partnered with Snizl to spread the word and there are plenty of new partnerships on the horizon.

As well as the local aspect, we have county level cricket and rugby teams coming on board. Snizl can make a massive difference to teams like Leicestershire County Cricket Club, Beeston Hockey Club or Leicester Riders Basketball as we split the revenues generated by their association.

Beeston Hockey Club signed up 84 Promoters in one week alone and businesses that register with Snizl via their page can tap into that growing network. In an instant, they are connected with a large group of local people to whom they can send a push alert when they have a Snizl post to promote.

Furthermore, when a post resonates with the Promoters and they get behind it, the local social ‘bloom’ is extraordinary. With the added encouragement of rewards for peer-to-peer sharing on platforms such as Facebook, the benefits to local businesses registering with Snizl are enormous.


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With Snizl’s innovation, every business that has a page on Facebook can now also reach out to a willing local audience.

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