Style Seeker Is Your New Style Saver!

Ever been walking through town and saw someone wearing a jacket that’s to die for, but you just don’t know where it’s from? Or seen a pair of trousers and you want to know how much they were… but don’t want to sound too strange running up to a random person to ask them questions about their jeans? Look no further, Style Seeker is now up and running.

This app has saved us from that embarrassment. And the kids (and some adults) are going crazy for it. Highcross Leicester App has introduced us to a new world of fashion, making it easier to ‘See it. Snap it. Own it.’

Style Seeker Banner

So how do I use Style Seeker?

All you have to do is take a picture of the style you want, for example, a pink t-shirt. Crop around the edge. Refine your search results and let Style Seeker do the rest! It will present you with similar styles or event the exact same one if you’re lucky. The App allows you to save styles you haven’t found, or used yet, for later dates.

It’s a revolutionary piece of artificial intelligence technology and soon will become a fashionistas paradise. It uses the colour, shape and pattern of the item and almost instantly brings you results that are 93% of the time helpful!

Sam French, Marketing Manager at Highcross said: “Style Seeker is the perfect accessory for people who get struck down by style inspiration in the street – and truly love the art of shopping.”

Style Seeker Launch

The Launch of Style Seeker was held at Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester on the 24th October, and after using human mannequins, the public loved the idea of having something so helpful, at your fingertips!

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