#Snizl4Notts Blogger Event!

#Snizl4Notts Blogger Event

Nottingham is a vibrant and fun city, full of secret treasures in the form of local businesses that many of us unknowingly pass by every day. We at Snizl HQ, have made it our duty to get to know many of these businesses and have loved discovering them one by one!

Snizl is a platform which allows these businesses to promote themselves, whether it be their latest deal, competition or event and allows them to reach out to their customers and generate new ones whilst they’re at it. Our love for Nottingham has flourished whilst we have got to know these businesses more closely and it felt like the right time to share the love with the growing blogger community in Nottingham.

We invited bloggers to our #Snizl4Notts event on Monday, where we wan
ted to scratch the surface on what Nottingham had to offer. We teamed up with The Pudding Pantry, CaBella, Weavers Wines and Four Hundred Rabbits to take the bloggers of Nottingham on a little tour of these locations to give a taste on what they do. Well, they certainly delivered!

The Pudding Pantry

Pudding Pantry freakshake

Kicking off the night at the cosy venue that is The Pudding Pantry, we began to welcome the excitable bloggers who had travelled from all different parts of Nottinghamshire and further to experience our #Snizl4Notts evening. Almost instantly, the bloggers began to take photos of the homely décor, fairy light lit windows and cute canvases that donned the walls and began chatting amongst themselves excitedly for what the evening would entail.

After a quick introduction about our plan for the evening, the owner of Pudding Pantry Anthony and his team began to present us with their Salted Caramal Freakshake and Bananna Sponge Cake which was topped with cinnamon icing. Needless to say, it was absolutely delicious and left us wanting to try the whole menu.



Inside Cabella

Next,  we grabbed our jackets, thanked The Pudding Pantry and made our way to CaBella where we were welcomed by the ladies Danica and Jordan who presented us with a glass of bubbly and sat us down ready for our Make-Up Masterclass. It was refreshing for the ladies to walk through the whole process of how to get a stunning face of makeup, but to use products which are totally affordable, from L’Oreal to MAC, there was something for everyone. Off the beaten track a little, CaBella is based in Bridlesmith Walk and offers a wide range of services from makeup masterclasses like the one which we attended right through to bridal makeup packages, a range of beauty products and make up brush sets all for bargain prices.


Weavers Wines

Weavers Wines glasses of wine to try and cheese board


Feeling thoroughly clued up on makeup wizardry, our next destination was Weavers Wines at their Georgian town house just a few doors down from their actual shop awaiting our arrival with rows of glasses set out and bottles of wine for us to try. Greeted with a glass of Cremant Du Jura, the bloggers and myself along with the rest of the Snizl Team felt considerably sophisticated as we were taught a little bit about each wine we tasted by the brilliantly enthusiastic and passionate team. Taking us through the evening was the owner and fourth generation of the family business and it was an incredible experience to learn more of their history, especially when getting a glimpse into their cave-like cellar below.


400 Rabbits

Tequila Shots at 400 Rabbits

Our last destination was the quirky tequila bar, 400 Rabbits, in Hurts Yard ready to showcase their knowledge to the bloggers on all things Tequila. Laid out on the bar, were rows of shots for us all to try, alongside pitchers of specially made cocktails (and mocktails!) ready for us to taste. Alongside this, they handed out bandannas for us to wear and get into the spirit of the cool and colourful vibe which the venue radiates! The atmosphere in the bar is electric, with carefully crafted décor everywhere you look, a foosball table and a Sega Mega Drive nestled away upstairs that really gives the place its own unique style.

Gathering us all around the bar, the bar man John began to give us an insight into the tequila which we were trying but also explaining where 400 Rabbit’s passion for tequila had come from. It was refreshing to see how genuinely passionate they were for the drinks which they sold and the cocktails that they craft themselves and ended our #Snizl4Notts evening on a high!

Snizl Tote Bag


We’d like to say a massive thank you from us here at Snizl HQ, not only to the bloggers who came along to see why we love Nottingham so much but the businesses for welcoming us into their venues and letting us have a taste of what they had to offer!

A big thank you to those businesses that contributed to our very own Tote Bag captioned with our mantra, “Everytime you buy from a local business, an actual person does a little happy dance” that had goodies from not only the venues which we visited on the evening but others such as Keishi Jewellery, Focus Gallery, Studio Chocolate and Your Forever Petals. Snizl is available to download for iOS and Android or visit our website for latest deals, promotions, events and competitions around Nottingham.


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