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Coronavirus causing local businesses to struggle

The coronavirus pandemic has rattled the world more than any other health crisis in 100 years.

With many global health consequences unravelling due to COVID-19, panic buying has been uncovered as one of the main topics of concern among local communities.

The government’s attempt to reduce the spread of infection comes in the form of advice for social distancing. This may be fueling the idea that people need to stock up to avoid going out in public which is why we’re seeing empty shelves and conflicting opinions on how much one should buy.

Consumer staples such as milk, pasta, tinned food, cleaning supplies and toilet roll are flying off the supermarket chain shelves and isles are looking desolate. As goods and food importation are faced with stricter rules as a consequence of the outbreak – shopping local may be the key to keeping your family full, healthy and happy during what feels like a depressing and stressful time.

Woman panic buying due to Coronavirus at big supermarkets

Local businesses are eligible for government help

Encouragement from the British government to self-isolate may not be so difficult if you work from an office, all you’d need is access to a computer and a decent wi-fi connection. For owners of businesses like construction and hospitality etc. it’s a completely different story.

Small business owners in the community are torn between going to work or staying at home. Risking their families health or possibly running out of money.

That’s why it’s more important now than ever before to start thinking about the local businesses in your community and ways in which you can support the local economy even in times like these.

Man closing his local business due to coronavirus outbreak

Fewer customers walking instore means more businesses shutting up shop and with no clear idea as to when the coronavirus crisis may end, small business owners are reluctantly preparing for the evergrowing possibility of a financial crisis for their business. Even though we as a community can help, the government are also stepping in.

A new Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme has been introduced by the British Business Bank for business owners in order to minimise the impact of the coronavirus health crisis. If you want to find out more about this, click here.

Support local on a smaller scale

There are ways you can support your local economy on a smaller scale. There’s no doubt that if you’re thinking about self-quarantining you’ll need to stock up on some essentials. So, if shopping is at the top of your to-do list this week it may be worth heading down to your local butchers or bakers to offer smaller business owners some custom at this difficult time.

Woman supporting the local economy by buying locally during tough times

You could give your local businesses a call before travelling to ask questions in regards to stock or opening times. You could also check their social media channels for updates as places like Facebook are an easy way for businesses to interact with their audience quickly and instantly.

Another way to support your local community is to help the elderly and the vulnerable – pop a note through a neighbours door and remind them you’re willing to help.

You can also check Snizl for promotions and updates from businesses all over the country. There are plenty of local businesses wanting to help in this difficult time. Some are pre-packing delicious fresh produce and others are delivering straight to your door!

Importation under threat

The British government are enforcing strict rules on importation due to the Coronavirus outbreak in an attempt to minimise the spread. This may mean that there will be a shortage of overseas supplies including food and drink.

Food and goods sourced from China in recent years have been at an all-time high. But, due to recent events and increased awareness of the risks of importation, it’s likely we’ll see a decrease in the number of imported goods from these foreign countries in an attempt to minimise future health risks.

Although this may mean less imported goods on our supermarket shelves, it’s a good thing. The demand for locally sourced produce will increase, meaning there will be more trustworthy and traceable produce on our shelves. After all, local produce is healthier, fresher, good quality, and tastes better too!

UK farmer producing quality dairy and meats products

On Snizl, you’ll find plenty of local and national businesses selling homemade, fresh and organic produce to pick up yourself, or have delivered!

We make it easy to shop locally without risking your health and well-being because we believe the products local businesses sell are honest, better quality and they’re made right here in Britain.

If you’re struggling to find wholesome fresh produce in your local area, we have created a list of local businesses around Britain with plenty of stock including meats, dairy and home essentials, some even deliver straight to your door – just click here!

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