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Our top FIVE picks for National Breakfast Week

National Breakfast Week

Breakfast. It’s what they call the most important meal of the day.

Well, frankly, I agree. But not only that, it’s the most DELICIOUS meal of the day too. (Yep, that’s right – I said it.)

An English Breakfast in my opinion, is something us Brits need to be proud of and make more of a shout about. When I was travelling in Vietnam, I met an Australian guy and we started chatting what kind of foods we missed about the most from home and I immediately gushed about the beauty that is the English Breakfast and how I couldn’t wait for us to be blissfully reunited. He merely shrugged it off as, “They’re okay.”

URM. What with the crisp saltiness of the bacon, perfectly paired with a poached or fried egg and its delicious yolk pooling into the beans which you can dip your perfectly golden-glistening-with-rich buttered toast in – I’m sorry cool Mr Australian guy, you are WRONG.

OK, I know. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an English Breakfast. That’s just simply my favourite. (Can you tell?) But we’re lucky here in Nottingham, that you can grab yourself a variety of tasty breakfasts from a whole bunch of great places which Snizl knows all about. As it’s the start of National Breakfast Week we are giving you our top FIVE picks of places to start your day off with.

Café Sobar

From the good old Bacon Sandwich to a Vegetarian Breakfast fit for a King, Café Sobar have it all going on for the breakfast lover. If you’re feeling particularly peckish their Big Breakfast boasts 3 slices of bacon, 2 sausages, 2 fried eggs, black pudding, hash browns, tomatoes, baked beans and a round of toast – then this place is the one for you. (Pssssst! Order before 10am an English or Vegetarian Breakfast you’ll get a FREE cup of tea or Americano.)


Fat Cat Café Bar

So you love breakfast? But let me guess, you’re either in too much of a rush to sit down and eat something OR you’re kind of lazy so it’s looking more like lunch time by the time you grace people with your presence? Well, Fat Cat Café Bar sounds like your cup of tea. Serving delicious ‘British Breakfasts’ to their glorious Eggs Benedict until 1pm, you won’t have to worry about missing out on breakfast here.


The Pudding Pantry

But surely, it’s just puddings they serve, I hear you cry! Absolutely not. The Pudding Pantry hosts a whole menu of breakfasts for the morning gang and they are every bit delicious as those cakes and puddings which they serve. The ‘Pantry Breakfast’ comes with two rashers of bacons, scrambled eggs, homemade beans and tops it off with two fluffy American style pancakes and of course, plenty of maple syrup. Delicious.


Wired Café Bar

So you might not want a huge breakfast to start your day – well don’t worry, Wired Café Bar cater for all the appetites, with breakfasts ranging from ‘The Posh Breakfast’ to the ‘Summer Berry Porridge’. This porridge would even have Goldilocks approval on the first spoonful, with this tasty bowl of oats topped with their own homemade summer berry compote, oven roasted mixed seeds and good old fashioned dollop of honey.


Annie’s Burger Shack & Freehouse

Annie’s Burger Shack & Freehouse is what dreams are made of, especially ones of the breakfast kind. With so much to choose from and dedicated to the American regions – New England, The South, The Pacific Northwest and The Southwest, it might be hard to choose from this delicious menu. Our favourite though is the Breakfast Burrito (tortilla with refried beans, eggs, potato, peppers, onions, mushrooms and cheese) and the good news is all of breakfast options are available as Vegan, Vegetarian or Meaty.


So go on, go enjoy National Breakfast Week and try some of these great places. Don’t forget, a glorious breakfast to start your day can make an average day just that little bit better.
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