The UK’s First Chicken Nugget Festival

We as a country have an obsession with chicken. If you need any proof then just look at the recent KFC shortage crisis. In the past few years, we have become obsessed with chicken nuggets, especially on social media with lots of love for chicken nuggets on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In fact, you may remember when a tweet about chicken nuggets became the most retweeted post on Twitter last year.

All this popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed by We Love Food a business who organises food and drinks festivals across the country. They are currently organising the first chicken nugget festival in the UK. This event will take place in London on August 11th this year with an event in Manchester in September.

The event has become so popular that they have had to change venue with no new venue being announced yet. They have promised many fun activities and live music all day with lots and lots of tasty chicken nuggets to eat. The main event will be a competition to find the Chicken Nugget King and Queen.

Chicken Nuggets


We Love Food have said they are planning on several other events the UK but this event alone has caused waves on social media. Tickets are not on sale yet however you can find out more information on We Love Foods Website.


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