Snizl’s visit to Hart’s Hotel and Restaurant Wedding Fair

At Snizl, we’re passionate about going out and experiencing local events first hand, and after starting a Wedding Fair project, we decided to visit a wedding fair at the wonderful Hart’s Hotel and Restaurant in Nottingham.

Harts Hotel and Restaurant front

The one-off pop-up Wedding Fair was held in their conference room located just above the award winning 4-star restaurant on Sunday, 25th February.

After being pleasantly surprised with the £1 parking, considering being in the middle of the city, I was greeted by a gorgeously decorated wedding-themed Jaguar and what can only be described as the friendliest man in Britan, Jeff Sale, for Nottingham Chauffeur Services.

Upon entry, I really was in awe of the effort and time that had gone into making the fair look as beautiful and professional as possible. After receiving my complimentary glass of prosecco I began to feel at ease and could finally start to take in some of the wonderful things the displays had to offer.

A Sunny Afternoon at Hart’s Wedding Fair

The unforgettable live Jazz from the performer and singer Cambell Bass filled me with warmth, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t join in on some impeccable Frank Sinatra.

The sunshine was bursting through the large glass windows, reflecting off each and every piece of cutlery on the perfectly laid out table display.

Although I’m nowhere near getting married, other guests who attended must’ve felt lucky to have all of these remarkable businesses under one roof.

Excellently Laid-out Place Settings

The most enjoyable part of my experience was being able to walk around freely and have a chat to each and every one of the vendors, who weren’t pushy at all and invited you to take pictures of what they were offering.

Speaking with such energy and enthusiasm about their business was refreshing and made me all the more excited to be there.

Strawberry Cupcakes Stall

The Strawberry Cupcakes stall immediately caught my eye and I was drawn in, speculating whether the design on the front was icing or real flowers! I’m a sucker for edible works of art and each cake really was one.

Enchanting Wedding Dresses on display

The designer bridal boutique Dream Wedding Dresses exhibited 3 of their cutting-edge designer dresses. They were truly a vision in white, perfect for those up and coming brides-to-be. The eye-opening designs and intricate details of the dresses really did look immaculate.

Photography is not really my forte, although, we all know when we see a brilliant picture that captures just the right emotion and helps us to imagine the rest of the moment and Jay Glenn does exactly that. His images hold all the memories you want to remember forever and in a beautiful hardback picture book.

Photo by Jay Glenn Photography

Overall I was impressed by the Hart’s Hotel and Restaurant Wedding Fair. All of the stands seemed completely relevant and absolutely up to scratch with the standard expected in somewhere like Hart’s.

I’d recommend going to a Wedding Fair near you even if marriage only just crossed your mind. It gives you a great idea of what a wedding could look like and with many years experience catering for couples they might know exactly how to make it perfect for you both.

My advice would be to enjoy the fizz, take it all in and speak to as many people as possible, accepting all their flyers and business cards.

Hart’s Weddings

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