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4 Fun DIY Easter Bonnet Ideas

The Easter bank holiday is upon us, and what’s usually a time for going on long walks in the Spring sunshine and to see the extended family, this year it’s a little different. So, to keep you occupied during the 4 day bank holiday weekend, we’re listing 4 DIY Easter Bonnet Ideas you can try with the whole family, at home.

Don’t panic about not having the right equipment! For most of these ideas, the materials can be found in and around your home. If you want to add more colour and pop to your bonnets, head over to The Range or John Lewis on Snizl and check out all their Arts&Crafts sets to be delivered.

Decorative easter chicks lined up ready to be put on a DIY easter bonnet

Easter Bonnet Ideas

The White Bunny Bonnet

You’ll need a hat, a pack of cotton wool balls, glue, paper, colouring pens and pipe cleaners.

First of all, stick the cotton balls to the outside of the hat using glue.

Then, using paper and colouring pens, draw some cute circular googly eyes, pink and white ears and buck teeth at the bottom of a pink triangular nose!

Double up the paper if you feel it’s a little flimsy, then stick them to the hat covered in cotton balls.

Add a little extra: go out in the garden and pick some grass, then stick it to the base of the hat! That’ll give the illusion the bunny is poking out from the ground.

Easter Bunny Crown

You’ll need coloured/plain paper or card and staples or sticky tape.

Firstly, decide how thick you want your crown. (Ask for help measuring the size of your head against some card or paper so you know how much to cut).

Next, cut out triangles from the top to create the points in the crown or get creative and cut out different kinds of patterns!

Start to draw the Easter bunny, spring chickens, easter eggs and anything else Easter related!

Add any glitter, pompoms, felt or foam stickers and make it your own.

Ask a friend or an adult to staple the back of the crown and, voila!

The Carrot Hat

You’ll need coloured card or paper, a black pen, sellotape and a little elastic.

Firstly, colour the paper orange and draw black lines across to give it the effect a carrot has.

Then, wrap it round to make a cone shape. Use sellotape to hold it together.

Next, cut out green strips of paper (or colour-in white strips of paper green) and attach them to the bottom of the cone shape.

After, get a small rabbit soft toy from around the house and use some of the elastic to attach the toy to the bonnet.

Use the remaining elastic for the bottom of the hat to keep it on your head, use tape or staples to keep it in place!

The Chicks Nest

For the last of the Easter Bonnet Ideas, you’ll need a hat, coloured paper/shredded green paper, yellow pom-poms/fluffy Easter chick decorations, sellotape/glue and some mini eggs.

Firstly, if you don’t have shredded green paper, don’t worry! You can make your own by colouring in/painting a sheet of white paper green, then cutting it into thin strips.

When you’ve done this, add it to the base of the hat and to the top, using glue or sellotape.

Take the chick decorations (or draw eyes and noses onto yellow pom-poms with a black permanent marker) and glue/sellotape them around the base of the hat and the top once again.

When you’ve finished this, get the mini eggs and place them at the top of the hat (you can either glue them there or just place them for decoration so you can eat them after!).

Finally, add any extra decorations to it, from paper daisies to ribbon dangling off and there you have it, a perfect Easter Bonnet!

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