What Could Be More Magical Than Glitter Gravy On Your Christmas Dinner!

Recently we have seen various new and innovative ways of serving traditional Christmas food. The latest to join this trend is Glitter Gravy.

The Fox Under the Hill pub in Greenwich has been serving glitter gravy with its roast meals in the run-up to Christmas and it’s proving to be extremely popular.


The fox under the hill-hungry horse-glitter gravy


According to the Nottingham Post, Ashish Patel, the manager at the Fox Under the Hill, said “Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year, as it’s the one time we can go all-out on festive decorations, twinkling lights and Christmas cheer. We’ve seen some wacky food trends over the years, and our glittery gravy is no exception – it’s the perfect way spread festive cheer in December. We’ve had some great reactions from guests so far as they add a bit of seasonal sparkle to their Christmas meals with our glittering gravy. It would be great to see the dish added to all Hungry Horse Christmas menus across the UK.”

It wouldn’t surprise me if this fabulous new addition of glitter gravy is rolled out to all of Hungry Horse’s pubs and restaurants, and taken on by other pub and restaurant chains as well.

For those of you who can’t get down to the Fox Under the Hill, why not make your own glitter gravy at home this Christmas? In fact, why stop with Gravy, you can also add some sparkle to your roasts, stuffing, and anything else that takes your fancy.  All you need is one additional important ingredient – Edible glitter!


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