Unusual Christmas Food

by Alex Burroughes

Christmas Food is an extremely important part of the Christmas Day experience from Christmas Dinner to the traditional orange in your Christmas stocking. It’s one of the reasons Christmas is so great.

However, people have begun to make some extremely unusual Christmas foods mixing tradition Christmas foods together. These weird Christmas foods have become popular with some people and are now part of their Christmas celebrations. We here at Snizl have found some of the weirdest Christmas foods.

Mince Pie Croissant

Paul’s Bakery has come up with a great pastry mixing two together. The mince pie croissant may not look particularly tasty but people have been going crazy for its taste. In a world of cronuts and duffins this was bound to happen and it is the perfect Christmas treat. Just forget about the calories.

Christmas Pudding Smoothie

Marks and Spencers have created a brand new Christmas Pudding Smoothie. Imagine being able to drink a Christmas pudding well that’s exactly what you can do made from cream and raisin puree this is perfect for anyone who has had their tonsils out on Christmas Eve.

The Yorkshire Pudding Christmas Warp

Imagine Christmas dinner put into one giant Yorkshire pudding well that’s the idea behind the Yorkshire pudding Christmas wrap. Load all your favourites into the Yorkshire pudding and get ready to eat. This is actually really popular with many people enjoying this easy way to eat your Christmas dinner.

Battered Brussels Sprouts

So many things are now being battered and deep-fried so now a chippy in Cullompton has begun to serve up battered Brussel sprouts. This idea comes from chip shop owner Andrew Marshell who now wants to create a full battered Christmas dinner including bettered vegetables and deep fried chicken. And finally battered Christmas Pudding.

Christmas Dinner Pizza

Asda have launched a Christmas Dinner Pizza. This Pizza has everything you’d expect from roast potatoes to Brussel sprouts and is perfect for an alternative Christmas dinner. Christmas themed Pizza isn’t a new thing with Pizza Express and Zizzi doing it in the past.

Chocolate covered Brussels Sprouts

I personally have been tricked into having these horrible monstrosities however I have been told that people enjoy chocolate covered Brussel sprouts. These first came into recognition as a prank on children for Halloween, however, some people make these for Christmas. I can tell you from personal experience that they taste horrible however some people still seem to enjoy them which is why they have made it on to this list.

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