This is the most rubbish Christmas present idea ever!

Ever wanted to get down and dirty with the waste the UK disposes of? Well, your dreams have come true, now you can!

Junk Hunters, a company founded in 2017, offers a high standard of service in removing any residential waste with a positive outlook on the environment, it’s their hope that soon all major cities will have a Junk Hunters branch to take care of waste. And they now have a Christmas Gift Package for all customers, offering a chance to spend a day in the truck with the Junk Hunters team collecting peoples unwanted things!


Junk Hunters On The Job


We’ve all had rubbish gifts before like (more) bubble bath and cheap chocolate, but I bet you’ll never get anything as rubbish as this. The company said, “the participant will gain a real and clear idea about how much junk the UK throws away, and also what we do for the environment,  recycling 80% of it!”.

What will it include?

The day will begin at 6 am and the person taking part will be given a real Junk Hunter uniform. They then will have to attend a short and snappy training lesson on how to load up rubbish, then off they go in one of the company’s loading trucks. Recipients will be expected to work hard and load lots of waste into the truck to really experience and understand how much we waste here in the UK.

Loading Junk

Junk Hunters themselves say the day job experience is great for keen environmentalists. The £150 day is surprisingly not cheap but the money is the only thing that won’t go to waste, promising an in-depth insight into rubbish handling and recycling.

CEO of Junk Hunters, Harsha Rathnayake, said: “I’m very proud to say this is the most rubbish Christmas present you can buy this year, without a doubt, and quite possibly the most rubbish gift of all time.

“But we believe the £150 price tag is more than justified when one considers the unique nature of this truly life-changing gift.”


Junk Hunters


“We are committed to recycling as much of the junk we clear as possible and the gift package offers a unique opportunity to learn so much about what can be recycled and how rubbish is processed.

“Just one day in this job will totally change the way you think about throwing things away. It will totally change your life.”


So if you feel like this could be for you, or someone you know, done waste any time…

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