Bike Month 2020: Everything You Need To Know!

Bike month 2020 is here! And while we’re all still in lockdown but with restrictions slightly lifted, there’s no better time to get on your bike and celebrate the most active month of the year.

Throughout the month of June, thousands of us in the UK are expected to get out and enjoy the sport of cycling during Bike Month 2020 – socially distanced, of course.

In this blog, we’ll explain why bike riding is set to increase over the next couple of years, as eco-conscious views surrounding modes of travel giving off unnecessary pollution increase encouraging us to turn to schemes such as the cycle to work scheme and #choosecycling.

It’s evident that there’s much more to that two-wheeled frame in your garage.

Why is Bike Month beneficial?

Cycling is great because it’s something people of all ages can take part in, whether that be competitive road cycling, mountain biking or just days out with the family. But, it’s not the wide span of ages cycling accommodates to which makes the thrilling, fastpaced activity so much fun.

Cycling benefits our minds and bodies like no other form of exercise because it’s a cardiovascular form of exercise. As running and jogging can take its toll on your limbs in the future, cycling helps to keep us fit and healthy physically, and mentally too.

Statistics show that by hopping on your bike regularly, you can lower your risk of developing cancer by 45%! While lowering the chances of cardiovascular disease is up by 46%. These incredible figures are impressive for someone questioning which activity to take up to improve health. But, what about if you’re looking for a sport which will not only help physical fitness but will help you de-fog your mind from sometimes overwhelming thoughts, which in lockdown, maybe happens all too frequently?

Bike leaning on a building during bike month 2020

Cycling and Mental Health

Not only can cycling increase your flexibility and muscle strength, decrease body fat levels and improve joints, but it also can drastically improve your mental health.

Studies show that regular cardiovascular exercises such as cycling will reduce stress, reduce anxiety, promote calmer thinking, combat depression and even increases self-esteem.

So, in a world where being vocal about what’s going on inside our heads is becoming increasingly popular, it’s no wonder why cycling is such a valued activity to be able to take part in, and so easily at that.

Cyclescheme Mental Health Benefits for Bike Month 2020

Bike Month and the environment

In 2018, it was reported that only 1% of road traffic were bikes in comparison to 76.9% of cars and taxis. This means that as a country we’re not shifting quick enough to cycling as a primary mode of transport even with the government’s efforts to introduce bike routes and paths.

That’s why, during the month of June, it’s more important than ever to take the opportunity in Lockdown to shift our lifestyles in a positive way.

Shifting from car to cycle has some of the most incredible benefits. Cycling is a completely pollution-free mode of transport, reducing the need for cars and therefore the demand on car manufacturers, there are so many environmental reasons why cycling should be the number 1 option when taking short to medium journeys.

Cost is also another factor to forget about when travelling via bike – no car, no more fuel!

Don’t forget about community benefits also. With fewer cars means that children in neighbourhoods can play more freely when the lockdown is lifted completely, providing you with the peace of mind you may not know you needed as a parent or carer.

Here at Snizl, we’re pretty big on doing our part for the environment, and we understand that schemes such as cycling to work and participating in Bike Month 2020 can have a drastic effect on our carbon footprint, that’s why we want to spread the word about how essential it is you try and take part.

Cycling improves the environment around us

How you can get involved

Bike Month is the biggest biking event of the year in the UK with over 5,000 people participating last year. Let’s double that number while in lockdown, pull the bike out the shed, dust it off, strap on your helmet and get those feet peddling on a route near you!

Cycling UK has made a #7daysofcycling challenge to celebrate bike week so check it out and enjoy 7 days full of cycling fun.

Want to know if cycling is safe during the lockdown? Visit the Coronavirus Q&A.

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