Fun at a Chocolate Festival

Snizl Team – Out & About at ChocFest, Melton Mowbray

On Sunday afternoon the Snizl Team were out and about in the Leicestershire town of Melton Mowbray. Totally ignoring the famous local pork pies,  we headed to a sweet-toothed extravaganza known as ChocFest.

This two-day Festival is held on Scalford Road at the towns cattle market. The venue was jammed full of local chocolatiers displaying to the public, their skills in the fine art of chocolate making.

As soon as we arrived, we were pleasantly drawn in by the delicious, sweet smell of freshly made, handcrafted chocolate. Temptation took over, banishing any thoughts of a pre-Christmas diet. It was then that a contented smile planted itself firmly on our faces and we joined the thousands of fellow chocolate lovers in knowing that we were going to be there for the day. This was a chocolate lovers paradise.

ChocFest Photo by Larissa Aspell

The market hall was crammed with stall after stall of delicious looking chocolates moulded and crafted into hundreds of extravagant shapes and designs. We saw chocolate Disney characters, chocolate tools, shoes, cakes and bars of different flavours from lemon and coconut through to hot chilli! The chocolatiers were nicely complemented with numerous other associated food and drink vendors including wine buyers, chutney makers and even a Gin Caravan.

chocfest3 by Larissa Aspell

Chocolate, and more Chocolate

There were numerous flavours and variations to choose from and the stallholders were more than happy to offer yummy tastings of their wares. Well, it would have been rude of us not to accept such an array of delicious samples…
We marvelled at all things chocolatey and then moved on to sampling the pies, crepes, brownies, tarts, liqueurs, doughnuts, macarons, desserts, marshmallows, biscuits.. such hard work! And to wash it all down, we had a fantastic selection of drinks; including champagne, wine, mead, beer, gin, mulled wine, mulled cider, and of course, hot chocolate.

chocfest photo 2 by larissa Aspell


Workshops by Cocoa Amore

Cocoa Amore is an award-winning Leicester based chocolatier. They were on stage most of the day conducting talks and workshops on the art of making delicious handmade chocolates. They also touched on the history of chocolate and chocolate production from bean to bar which was fascinating. Who knew that the harvest time for cacao was so crucial?



chocfest4 by Larissa Aspell


In need of some chocolate?

If this has got your taste buds craving some delicious crafted chocolate and you can’t wait until next year’s ChocFest then check out the links below to some of Britains best chocolatiers that we met at the festival.

Cocoa Amore

1683 Chocolate Place

Anisa & Chocolate

The Bittersweet Chocolate Co

Cathy’s Chocolates and Cakes

Chocolat Madagascar

Chocolate Alchemy

Chocolate Genie


Choqa Handcrafted Chocolates

Cocoa Bake

Confectionary Yours

Daniels Delights Chocolate

The English Chocolate Fountain Company

Explore Chocolate  

Fifth Dimension Chocolates Ltd

Fine Chocolate Spa

Fresh Fruit Choo Characters        07425 132224

Goldfinch Chocolate

Helen Buff Handmade Chocolates

Im just so Chocolately    07952 539556

The immaculate Collection

Jack Lewis Chocolates

Made With love

My Sweet Theory

Nenette Chocolates

Norma Jean Bakery Chocolates

Original Chocolate Dream             07539 386221

Petite Boutique de Chocolat

Sciolti Botanical Chocolates

Soul Song Raw Chocolate              07951 930909

With Chocolate   


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