10 Weird & Wonderful Ways To Make Pancakes

Pancake day falls on 16th February and below, we’ve listed 10 Weird & Wonderful Ways To Make Pancakes to spice up your lockdown a little!

Emoji Pancakes

Put your emoji face making skills to the test with this fun and creative way of making pancakes.

Pour your well-mixed batter into a bottle and get started with the heat on high!

Rainbow pancakes

Got a unicorn lover in the house? Or maybe you want to inject some LGBTQ+ looove into pancake day – make some rainbow pancakes!

FakeDonalds pancakes

Make your very own McDonalds style pancakes with this simple and easy recipe and combine the golden arches and Shrove Tuesday this pancake Day!

The Hungry Catapillar pancakes

This is a fun way to spend pancake day with the kids. Watch this recipe below and then fill up thanks to one of their favourite book characters!

Pizza pancakes

Combining sweet and savoury, dinner and dessert, these pizza pancakes will fill all a cheese-lovers needs!

Brownie pancakes

A chocoholics dream, these brownie pancakes ooze homemade chocolate syrup, they’re fudgy and filled with chocolate chips – yeah, we’re sold.

Banana pancakes

Yes, not so unique or weird but we had to add it in for people who haven’t tried them! They’re healthier, delicious and affordable and make a brilliantly quick breakfast.

Red Velvet pancakes

Finished off with a cream cheese glaze and your favourite fruits, these fudgy red velvet pancakes are certain to go down as one of your most favourite desserts!

Peanut Butter/Rosa Parks pancakes

Warning: may contain nuts. Celebrate the life of Rosa Parks with these delicious peanut butter pancakes. From her recipe directly, you’ll be left with tasty, nutty pancakes to serve your family on Shrove Tuesday.

Oreo pancakes

We couldn’t finish without putting a household favourite. Everyone loves Oreo’s -right?! This easy-to-follow recipe leaves you with deliciously tasty pancakes the whole family will enjoy.

Well, that’s all! – Thank you for checking out our list of 10 Weird & Wonderful Ways To Make Pancakes and we hope you and the family have a great Shrove Tuesday!

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