Plastic Free July: Everything you need to know!

Plastic Free July is a global movement that guides millions of people towards solving the plastic pollution problem we see on a daily basis, damaging our Earth. At Snizl, we want to bring awareness and encourage everyone we can to join in, so that slowly, step-by-step, we can enjoy cleaner streets, oceans and communities. Will you take the challenge this month and become part of the solution in fighting back against plastic pollution?


How to go ‘Plastic Free’

Many of us want to make the change but don’t know how to. And, even though you might feel this is useless, it’s not! Having the mindset to want to change means you’re not far away from making valuable change, keep reading to find out how you can swap your everyday plastics for zero plastic…

A list of products you can swap during Plastic Free July

Reusable coffee/tea cups

When you arrive at Starbucks in the morning, why not hand over a reusable coffee cup to enjoy your morning drink in? Reusable bamboo cups are completely plastic-free and you may even benefit from a discount for bringing your own cup – nice!

Shop Ecoffee Cups on Snizl today in a range of unique colours.

Menstrual Cup

When thinking about going plastic-free on your period, it might come across a little strange, but with menstrual cups, you can have a clean, safe and ecofriendly period, cutting cost and pollution – what more could you want?!

To shop menstrual cups, check out EcoVibe on Snizl

Organic Liners

Don’t fancy the menstrual cup? Try Organic Liners! Plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable! With Plastic Free July, you don’t have to worry about harmful synthetic products.

Shop Light Organic Liners at EcoVibe on Snizl

Plastic Free hair ties

Used up all of your plastic-based hair ties? Good – don’t buy more! The Tabitha Eve plastic-free hair ties are made from 100% biodegradable materials and are soft enough to not pull, damage or break your hair.

Make small changes towards solving a big problem, shop Plastic-Free Hair Ties today.

Makeup remover pads

Did you know? You can even get Plastic Free Makeup Wipes! If you wear a lot of makeup, this is probably the thing you should invest in most out of this list. They’re such a great replacement and will last you months rather than seconds! Made from sustainably grown bamboo and cotton, plastic-free makeup wipes are super absorbent and perfect for sensitive skin, and at just 12.99 for 17 (lasting for over 100 washes each) you cannot go wrong!

Shop Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, now with 11% OFF!

Dental floss

It’s always good to have dental floss lying around the bathroom cupboards in case someones had sweetcorn in their dinner. But, the next time you buy a fresh pack, head over to Ethical Superstore and try their Georganics Natural Silk Dental Floss in a Spearmint flavour, it’s 100% plastic-free and eco-friendly, so you can discard of it as you wish.

Shop environmentally friendly Dental Floss to make your small change this July!


Toothbrushes are usually made entirely out of plastic and the fact that every 3 to 4 months when you renew your toothbrush it goes directly in a landfill, times that by the number of people on your street, or in the country, it’s frightening! Do your bit this July and change the whole households toothbrushes to biodegradable ones.

Shop ergonomic, biodegradable, eco-friendly toothbrushes online now for the whole family!

Biodegradable balloons and party decorations

When the kids’ birthdays roll around this year, forget buying so much single-use plastic plates, knives, ribbon and balloons, our landfills are already full enough. Why not visit Little Cherry on Snizl, an eco-friendly party supplier with tonnes of fabulously biodegradable party supplies.

Check out all of the products Little Cherry have to offer when it comes to planning and enjoying a Plastic Free Birthday Party


With plastic razors, you not only get bad shaving quality, but they’re also bad for the environment. By switching to plastic-free razors, you can enjoy a smooth soapy shave without the guilt of it going in the bin and staying in the soil for hundreds of years. The metal head and the wooden handle makes for a stylish, ecofriendly addition to your bathroom!

Shop environmentally friendly, Plastic Free Razors on Snizl

By adding just one of these to your household to actively reduce the number of single-use plastics, you’re doing good for the planet, and the environment, keep up the good work, buy another each month, and slowly but surely, you’ll become an (almost) Plastic Free household!

We say almost because it is near enough impossible for the average person to completely eradicate plastic from their lives. It’s on our bikes, in our fridges and around some of our favourite foods as packaging – annoyingly. But, if you’re actively making small changes, you should be proud!

A collection of Plastic Free products you can switch to this July to become more eco-friendly!

If you don’t want to buy anything new, buy less

If you’re on a budget or you simply do not want to buy anything new, that’s fine, just ensure you buy less. At the supermarket, buy in bulk so you have more product and less waste. If you’re picking fruit, get loose bananas rather than ones in the plastic bag. Shop at fruit and veg markets and/or greengrocers, not only will you be helping local business sell locally sourced produce, which is always great for the economy, but they tend to use fewer plastics, which is a win-win.

Take the quiz…

The Plastic Free July Quiz only takes 5 minutes, answer it as what you do today, and in August, they’ll get back to you to show you the brilliant progress you’ve made to solve the plastic pollution problem!

For more ways to go Plastic Free this July…

Visit Snizl! All month we’re scouring the internet and adding Plastic Free products from some incredible independent businesses so you don’t have to look – ta-dah! – now there really is no excuse not to go Plastic Free.

Want to see what else we’re celebrating in the month of July?

Check out National Picnic Month! Integrate your new-found love for plastic-free products into having a picnic with your social bubble in some of Britains most beautiful picnic spots.

For more eco-friendly content, visit our blog describing ‘How to be more eco-friendly at home‘ and learn why ‘Making your self-care routine more sustainable‘ is so important!’

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