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We’re Going Chocolate Mad for Chocolate Week!

No matter religion, politics, culture or anything else that divides us, you can pretty much guarantee on one thing to reunite us; our love of chocolate. And from Easter to Christmas, it’s surprising how much we actually manage to weave chocolate into the fabrics of our lives. And while neither holiday would be complete without it, it’s time for chocolate to get a holiday of its own as 15-21 October marks chocolate week!

It’s the 14th consecutive year that this iconic week has been celebrated and it’s fair to say that everyone’s pretty excited about it.┬áChocolate Week was started to promote fine flavour chocolate, the independent artisan chocolatiers and the chocolate companies who work in direct partnership with cocoa farmers. It aims to encourage consumers to pay a fairer price for their chocolate and to better support the workers involved in the process.

And how should you celebrate? Well you could always bathe in a giant hot tub of melted chocolate, but we have a feeling that would create a bit of a mess! Instead, try baking a new chocolate-themed recipe, take a chocolate making class or grab yourself a chocolate flavoured cocktail (or a few). If you’re stuck on ways that you could celebrate on your own then don’t worry, because there are set to be hundreds of events happening from the large city festivals to the hotel chocolate workshops to the promos in local chocolate shops. We bet you’ll be able to get a few free tasters that week!

So wherever you are in the UK, there’s set to be a chocolate event near you. Most of them are in celebration of chocolate week but if you happen to be in Leeds then they’re already planning ahead for the Christmas period too! Discover a few local chocolate festivals on our Snizl feed.

And if you don’t want to go all out with an event but do want to sample some really great, high quality chocolate then be sure to visit a local chocolatier. Cocoa Amore in Leicester is an award-winning chocolate shop who inject true craftsmanship into every bite and they make amazing gifts too! Or how about Studio Chocolate in Nottingham for a truly unique and special gift – whether it’s for someone you love or just a little treat for yourself! And not satisfied with just creating amazing chocolates, they also make celebration cakes too.

Mouth watering with all this talk of chocolate? Well you could win some for free! Simply enter our competitions below to be in with the chance of winning a tub of Celebrations or Quality Streets.

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