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12th November is the Official Happy Hour Day!

The words ‘Happy Hour’ are ones we hear a lot, they are the bait for bars and most the time deals we just cannot miss. They’re usually more than one hour and deliver 2-4-1 beverages or percentages off on delicious food. It’s a brilliant way to bring attention to the dull days of the week when everyone’s waiting for payday or the Saturday night plans.


But why is it called happy hour you say?

Well, the term ‘Happy Hour’ originated in the United States, being used by the sailors around 1910 and during the first world war when they were bored on their voyages. They would host entertainment shows such as live boxing matches, movie showings or live music, whilst having a pint maybe half price or buy one get one free. Although, it wasn’t until around 1920-1930 that the Americans started using ‘Happy Hour’ specifically for drinking alcohol. Friends and groups of people would meet at bars and after work during the hours of 4-7 drinking and socialising before going out for dinner, this created the cocktail hour and many bars decided this was a popular time which they could benefit from.

Happy Hour

Eventually, restaurants and bars grasped the idea of the ‘Happy Hour’ introducing their strategies in shop windows. This was so successful that in some states there were deliberate and severe bans to Happy Hours in responses to alcohol-related incidents. In actual fact, states such as Massachusetts and Indiana still hold the bans to this day!

Luckily though, we’re not in the USA. So we’re free to Happy-Hour for 3 hours straight on a Tuesday night if we want to, but remember to toast your £4.50 Strawberry Daiquiri to the law-breaking citizens who pathed the way to these lovely mid-week deals.

12th November is Happy Hour day – now that does make me happy!

On the 12th November bars and restaurants will be holding a Happy Hour, in honour of the most amazing alcoholic tradition in history. Establishments will sell drinks – and food! – at a discounted price, usually 50% off or two for one. You can celebrate your self, by heading into town or your local bar with friends or loved ones and order one of your favourite drink, but enjoy two!

Please remember to drink responsibly though…

Here are some of the places in Nottingham which specialise in Happy Hours and 2-4-1 Cocktails:

Pepper Rocks Nottingham – £4.50 Cocktails all night until 10pm!

400 Rabbits Nottingham – Happy Hour from 5pm – 8pm!

Fat Cat Nottingham – 2-4-1 All Day Every Day!

The Blue Bell Inn Nottingham – 2-4-1 Happy Hour on all Daiquiris, Mojitos… anything!

Bear and Lace Nottingham – Happy Hour for Cocktails All day!




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