The Big Pick – 2022 Neighbourhood Litter Pick by Snizl

In 2022, we’re striving for a cleaner, greener environment and planet.

That’s why we’re introducing The Big Pick, a campaign to push more people to go outside on their street, on the first Monday of every month to pick, and bin, a handful of rubbish.

Imagine the scale of difference we could make if everyone on the planet did this, every month?

The Issue

The issue with human waste isn’t landfill (as of yet) there are more technological advances each year proving that recycling and reusing our waste is becoming more readily available.

The issue lies with littering. Throwing coffee cups with plastic lids attached, leaving crisp packets on parks and letting all of this single-use plastic fall into gutters, rivers, streams of water, being sent straight into the ocean – allowing it to pollute our ecosystems with mounds of plastic congesting areas it should have never been in the first place.

Use the bins

All we have to do is use our bins. Recycle as often as you possibly can and as precise as possible and always bin your litter.

“eh it’s only tiny it won’t hurt”. It’s not the mindset we want to start 2022 with.

Please, we’re pleading to anyone reading, that straw, coffee stirrer and the plastic packet will hurt. Maybe not us directly, but our children and our children’s children. Our gorgeous wildlife and sealife.

Do more

So, with that in mind, do more!

Join in with us and The Big Pick for the rest of 2022. Check out our TikTok where we will be documenting the process and making it fun. You can even duet us and show us your litter Picks.

We want to start a revolution right here right now.

Do more for your local area just once a month!

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The Big Benefits of picking up litter locally

A prettier neighbourhood. Have you ever walked down the street and something dingy, discoloured and unnatural has caught your eye? Be rid of local eyesores and have the area you call home looking pristine, with not an ounce of rubbish in sight.

Protect wildlife. Dogs, cats, foxes, birdies, ducks, fish and all other wildlife have all been affected by littering. Plastic in nests, confusing rubbish for food and the incredibly vast negative impact on our marine ecosystems. By doing your bit locally, it has a knock-on effect elsewhere.

Boosts your mood. By helping out in your local community to make the quality of other lives better, you’ll benefit mentally and physically. It’s a selfless, yet effortless, act that goes a long way.

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