Leicester’s brand spanking new indoor climbing center

This year, residents of Leicester City can expect to see the new indoor rock climbing centre, Social Climbing pop up on East Bond street, Highcross.

Indoor Rock Climbing

There will be three main attractions which include a ‘genuinely comfy living room’ where – even if you don’t like climbing – you can come and chill out with friends and socialise in the relaxed area. A ‘Head 2 Head Wall’ where you can challenge your friends and race with the time equipped speed wall. And a Cafe, inspired by fresh Italian coffee and sweet treats so you can refuel between climbs.

Climbing with friends

It will be the first business of its kind in Leicester and with many residents already saying there’s a lack of places for activity or entertainment, there’s no doubt it will be the main attraction for locals and tourists!

It’s estimated it will be open and running by June 2018 so keep your eyes peeled on Snizl for their latest promotions for new customers.


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