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Up close and personal with…The Pudding Pantry

Here at Snizl, we are proud to support some of the best independent businesses in the area. Recently the Snizl team visited one of Nottingham’s local success stories and got chatting with Anthony Quinn, owner and founder of the The Pudding Pantry, to help narrow down your search for the perfect pancakes in time for tomorrow. We got up close and personal with one of the best artisan coffee shops with a main focus on sweet treats and delicious desserts located in the heart of Nottingham. Read on to find out why these guys should be your first stop this Pancake Day!



What makes your pancakes the best in Nottingham?

We do American style pancakes, which are a little different to British style pancakes, they’re light and fluffy and you can order them as savoury or sweet, whatever your preference. We’ve been doing them solidly for about two years and at the moment we’re selling at least 300 portions a week. We worked out recently we’ve gone through several thousands eggs in the past week, which was a record amount for us. With Pancake Day tomorrow, we’re expecting to sell over 150 portions alone!



What is your favourite pancake topping?

Peanut butter and jam! Peanut butter goes perfectly with pancakes, I don’t know why but it just does! This is a really popular pancake dish here, along with our bacon and maple syrup pancakes, which is just as great! The sweet and savoury is very typically American and the two taste amazingly when combined together, which is why peanut butter and jam works so well.


What would you recommend to someone who’s never visited the Pudding Pantry before?

Definitely go for the American style! It’s hugely popular here, mainly because I think people love bacon!



Do you have any pancake specials for Shrove Tuesday?

We have two! We’ve created our special ‘Eton Mess’ pancake complete with home-made meringue and strawberry compote, and we also have a one-off ‘Cookies and Cream’ pancake, served with our chantilly cream and crushed Oreos. These pancakes are limited edition and are only available for tomorrow only, and it’s looking like those will be the most popular on the day!


What made you want to start your business in Nottingham?

I’ve lived in Nottingham since I was 18 and I got to know the city well after moving here with a group of friends from Lincoln, two of which went to University here. My father ran businesses as well as my grandfather and my uncle, so I’ve grown up with independent business owners in the family and I always knew from a young age that I would want to run my own one day.


Why did you choose puddings specifically?

We were playing to our strengths mainly. One of my good friends Georgina Mak who is now our head chef, was studying Pastry and Confectionary at New College Nottingham at the time with a huge love for puddings. We noticed there was a gap in the market for a dessert-based business in the city centre so we quickly took advantage, and we happened to be the only one of our kind in the area. We also worked really well together as a team, since I had the business and admin knowledge whilst Georgina had the all-important kitchen experience and the added bonus of a sweet tooth!



Is Nottingham a good city for small businesses and why?

Yes, I would say it definitely is. Certainly in the last few months we’ve seen a huge influx of chain restaurants come to the city especially with the opening of the Victoria Centre food hall, but I think there’s still a high demand for local and independent businesses as they can often offer something a little more personal than what a large franchise could. I know that people are often put off by the money aspect because Nottingham is quite an expensive place to start up a business, but thankfully I had a great experience with the council who were a huge support when originally setting up the Pudding Pantry.  They did a great job in helping get things off the ground and I’m grateful to have had such a great relationship with them from the start – I wouldn’t have got this far without them!



If all that talk of pancakes has whet your appetite like it has ours, head over to The Pudding Pantry on Trinity Square from 8am until 6pm tomorrow and choose from their huge range of stacked pancakes, as well as their limited edition menu made especially for Pancake Day only! They’re looking to sell out fast, so make sure you don’t miss out! If you don’t manage to make it in time for Pancake Day, don’t worry! There’s a huge range of gorgeous dishes perfect for afters (or just whenever you fancy!), with a regularly updated seasonal menu.

Want to find out what else The Pudding Pantry has to offer? Head over to their page on the Snizl website by clicking here, or download the Snizl app for free to be the first to hear about local offers as soon they’re posted!

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