How To Create Your Perfect Garden Paradise

With hopefully the last of the winter weather behind us, after snow covered a lot of the UK over the weekend, it’s about that time of year to start thinking about your garden and visiting your local garden centre. If you’re anything like me, apart from helping the kids build a snowman, you’ve probably barely seen your garden during the cold winter months, other than through the window from the warmth of your comfortable heated home.


Gardening Hands

Out with the Old

Now is the perfect time to cut back Cornus and other shrubs grown for their colourful winter stems, start pruning roses, fuchsias, and Clematis, remove any deciduous trees, as well as cutting back any dead foliage to make way for new growth. Once you’ve finished cutting back, remember to feed your trees and shrubs with ideally a slow-release fertiliser.


pruning roses

In with the New

Get yourself some plug plants, and if you don’t have a greenhouse set them up on a sunny windowsill. Now is also a good time to plant your bare root roses, herbaceous perennials, and summer-flowering bulbs such as lilies, and time to start sowing flower seeds ready to plant out around June, and Hardy annuals that can be sown directly into the soil.


plug plants

Local Garden Centre

This time of year is really exciting when it comes to creating your perfect garden paradise. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a novice, wanting a colourful flower garden, a fruit & veg patch, or an exotic greenhouse now would be a good time to get yourself down to your local garden centre. Garden Centres have everything you could possibly need and more, so indulge and fill yourself with inspiration.

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