ASDA launches budget vegan range!

The superstore we all know, ASDA, has taken Veganuary to another level. Extending veganism into a range of quick and easy vegan and vegetarian food to buy and eat at home.

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January has become a national trial month for people to see what it would really be like to cut out dairy, meat and other animal-sourced products in order to become a vegan or vegetarian for life. This movement, encouraged deeply by vegan groups, specialists and online professionals say its generally better for your health and the environment. As some suggest eating this particular way is “not as hard as it looks”, others disagree.

So, as Veganuary has come to an end, ASDA saw this as an opportunity to bring out some of the best vegan foods made ready-to-go so anyone wanting to continue this lifestyle can do it with ease and with no excuses!

Meat and Dairy Free Foods

People who are in full swing of their plant-based diets and are looking for easier ways to indulge in vegan meals will expect to see ready-made-meals priced at just £2.50. Compared to other supermarkets around, this is one of the cheapest ranges of vegan options to go for, meaning it’s likely going to have a good reception!

Andrew Johnston, ASDA innovations Chef, said “With more and more customers going vegan, we’ve introduced a range which not only answers the dietary needs of the nation, but that also turn favourite foods into vegan-friendly, on-the-go options. From onion bhajis – one of the top-selling snacks in the UK – to a light Mexican bean salad, our new range ensures easy eating at any time, and delivers a punch of vibrant flavour in each bite.”

Products you can find are:

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