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Top Last Minute Holiday Ideas In the UK this Summer

So restrictions are being lifted by the week and your holiday was cancelled or you haven’t had time to save for a family holiday! No worries – we’ve got your back. In this blog, we’re going to list all the Top Last Minute Holiday Ideas in the UK this Summer, so you can take the kids or your partner to enjoy a long weekend full of British sunshine. You never know, you could find this is the best trip you’ve ever been on, last-minute, spontaneous planning is always the best after all.

It’s National Picnic Month this July too, so getting out and enjoying the sun with a picnic basket couldn’t be more fitting! For some Perfect Places to Picnic, visit our short blog.

Caravanning by the sea

This is one of the most obvious ideas but by no means is it unexciting. Caravanning is the best thing to do if you fancy staying in a home away from home. It’s a holiday where comfort and exploration go hand in hand and it’s perfect for all the family.

Enjoy a caravan by the sea this Summer with Rockley Park Private Holiday Homes on Snizl or check out a list of last-minute holiday deals for caravanning on sandy shores or in a caravan entertainment park, full of other children and families.

another one of our holiday ideas, go to the seaside with family or friends and stay in a caravan!

Rent a property with friends

With the wonderful world of Airbnb, spending a night in a rented property with your mates has never been so easy. Pile into one car, head to the supermarket to get ingredients for a big night in and take a journey to the property you’ve booked. Make it special with card games and board games and remember to take your swimsuit as Airbnb boast a selection of properties with hot tubs.

It’s the perfect solution to a last-minute UK holiday and from just £30 per night per person, it’s affordable too!

another one of our holiday ideas, rent an airbnb with friends and enjoy a weekend away!


Even though camping has a strange stigma attached to it where you feel like you won’t be able to wash properly for days, it’s still so much fun. It’s inexpensive, different and perfect for warm summer weekends.

For inexpensive camping equipment visit Snizl and for places to camp visit 20 Amazing British Campsites Beside The Sea. Get some beers, a portable BBQ and some fem fresh and enjoy spending a weekend at one with nature – oh, and don’t forget to pick up your litter when you’re done!

Plan to go to a city you’ve never been to

With many cities starting to re-open, from non-essential retail to bars and pubs, it’s becoming easier to visit other cities without being restricted by lockdown measures. So, if you’re not going abroad and don’t fancy any of the above options, why not take this time to explore a city you’ve never been to before?!

Get your protective mask at the ready and jump on a train to enjoy a well-deserved shopping spree (ignoring all the amazon orders you’ve made) and a socially distanced cocktail in a newly re-opened bar.

Tell us your UK Holiday Ideas…

Have any other ideas about how to holiday within the UK this year? Comment below!

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