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Five Fun Facts about Nottingham – Part 2

If Part 1 of our Five Fun Facts got you itching to find out more about the city of Nottingham, we’re back with our second installment! Read on to discover a bunch of interesting stuff about the home of two European cups. (That’s right, two.)

1. Here’s one for all you Forest fans! Did you know that Nottingham’s Championship league team helped Arsenal at early foundation stage? Forest donated their red kits in 1886 thus influencing current Arsenal t-shirt colour. This would explain why even their modern t-shirts are somewhat similar 130 years later!
2. Did you know that Nottingham is home to the oldest pub in the UK, the “Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem”? The building rests against Castle Rock on which Nottingham Castle is built, and it’s believed that the ‘oldest inn in England’ was established in 1189 AD. Bet you don’t feel quite so old now, do you?
3. A cure for a variety of ailments, aches and pains, it’s no wonder why Ibuprofen is hailed as a wonder drug. And the best part? It was made right here in Nottingham by Dr Stewart Adams in the 1950’s! It was originally invented to help ease inflamed joints and arthritis, but these days most of us keep it in the medicine cabinet to cure all sorts of aches and pains. In 2007 the man himself admitted he first tested his creation on a hangover, and now millions have him to thank for making your Sunday morning headaches slightly more bearable!
4. The debate about whether you should have red or brown sauce on your bacon cob might not exist had it not been for #Nottingham based shopkeeper Frederick Gibson Garton. The greengrocer developed the recipe for HP in his grocery shop in New Basford back in 1899, but ended up selling the recipe for a measly £150 to settle a debt with Edwin Samson Moore, founder of the Midlands Vinegar Company.
5. Beeston born designer Paul Smith left school at 14 with the aim of becoming a professional cyclist, but after a nasty accident he decided to take up a career in fashion. And     we’re so glad he did, since years later he is now one of the biggest names in the industry. By 1974 his small factory shop had outgrown its premises and moved to Byard Lane, where a Paul Smith store still stands today!
The fun doesn’t stop there! We’ve rounded up a whole load more of trivia in Part 3 of our Five Fun Facts that will definitely come in handy at your next Nottingham themed pub quiz. Someone should really do a Nottingham themed pub quiz. Because we would definitely win.

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