World Photography Day 2020: Everything you need to know!

World Photography Day is an annual event celebrated across the globe on August 19th. A day for appreciating and giving respects to the art, craft, science and history of photography, World Photography Day goes down as an anticipated celebration in all walks of life.

Photography under the lens

Photography as we know it today began in France during the late 1930’s thanks to two Frenchmen Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce. Described as a “free gift to the world”, photography was born in the form of a photo taken of Niepce’s estate in Burgundy, France and is the earliest surviving photograph known to man.

Since then, scientists and artists alike became obsessed with the idea of capturing a moment in time – and thank God they did! Imagine what life would be like with no cameras and no photos.

The purpose of World Photography Day

The aim of the highly anticipated arts centered annual event is not only to encourage more people to learn about photography, but it aims to inspire photographers across the planet to share a single photo, inviting strangers into a glimpse of their world. Besides, that’s all photography is.

How to celebrate?

Whether you’re an amateur, a professional, an Instagram guru or just someone who enjoys taking pictures of your friends and family, World Photography Day is an easy, fun and beneficial holiday to celebrate.

Below are some of the ways we suggest celebrating:

Learn more about photography through time.

Check out the trending hashtag #WorldPhotographyDay on social media to be inspired by pictures taken around the globe for this special occassion.

Celebrate World Photography Day by receiving 20% off a studio photography class and enhance those skills.

Try taking some pictures of your own today. Capture a landscape, ask to take someones portrait, take a picture of an object and think about lighting, shadows, moods and depth. Then, post them on social media to join in with the rest of the globe!

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Discover how we’re celebrating World Photography Day

Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on August 19th. We’re asking our followers to send in their very own photography and we’ll be reposting them all day long – remember to use the hashtag #SnizlWorldPhotographyDay to be featured!

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Which side of the camera are you on this World Photography Day? Comment below!

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