Oxfam’s Oxjam Music Festival 2017

Oxjam, the annual charity music festival held in the UK, and the largest! Is organised by the worldwide charity Oxfam. It goes to great lengths to bring you great musical entertainment in order to raise money for the charity Oxfam. Whose mission is to fight and end extreme global poverty for good.

This one-day multi-venue music festival brings in local communities who share the common interest in music and help raise money at the same time. Festival-goers should expect to see rising stars and big artists with hits in the charts. Such as Rag’n’Bone Man and Annie Mac! 

How to find Oxjam Events

In 2017 alone there are 38 Oxjam Festivals taking place across the United Kingdom. from Shepherds Bush to Sheffield, Cardiff to Calderdale and everywhere in-between. Let alone the festivals happening across the country, there are also hundreds of Oxjam gigs happening at local bars in city centres etc. so keep your eyes peeled for ones near you they’re going to be so much fun, and for a brilliant cause.

By using the official webpage you can directly search for events near you. whether you’re up in Glasgow or down in Cornwall, Oxjam is there over the next few months, and buying a ticket and getting involved has never been so easy!

Follow these links to find events near you:

Events are starting from the 29th September – 29th October.

Oxjam Music Festival 2017

Londons Oxjam is located in Islington, a small inner area of London. It’s here where the biggest music festival in the UK takes place. Showcasing the freshest musical talent across a vast amount of genres and venues along Islington’s famous Upper Street. The Festival never fails to raise a record-breaking amount of money each year. With word of mouth doing what it does best, that amount will keep rising.

Why did it start?

Oxfam, the extraordinary charity that has been everchanging since 1940, has only had one thing in mind the whole way, helping others in time of serious need. It all started during World War 2. Starting up campaigns to persuade the UK government to let Brits send food parcels to Germany after mass famine budded in many countries.

By 1950 Oxfam is reaching out to India, Greece, Africa and South America battling homelessness, poverty and starvation. Today, Oxfam is a confederation of 19 organisations working in around 90 countries worldwide. This charity is a massive, world-changing success. by 1970 the total income is more than £5 million, all of this going towards the charities growth.

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After this empire of organisations appeared, it was clear to see Oxfam were moving at incredible speeds, and in 2006, Oxjam appeared. Its first UK-wide music festival, with 3,000 events, organised and promoted by supporters all over the country. So on behalf of Oxfam, we thank everyone involved. As long as there is poverty in the world, we will keep fighting, but only if we have your help. So get involved this month, there’s no other time like it!

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