Halloween 2021: DIY Decorations and Tasty Bakes!

This year, we’re combining two separate fun activities perfect for Halloween – because who doesn’t love decorating their home and baking sweet treats?!

2020 was pretty scary in its self and there wasn’t much happening at all during the hallows eve period, so this year, let’s get stuck back into the spooky festivities with a bang.

Decorations fit for a frighteningly good Halloween 2021

Wine Bottle Candlesticks

The first decoration idea on our Halloween list is fab. It helps recycle your waste and looks great throughout October.

Purchase some gold, purple or orange tall candles and twist them into matte-black painted wine bottles to create eerie mantle-piece Halloween essentials.

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Bubbling cauldron

Add dry ice (available in party accessory stores or some supermarkets) and a touch of water to give the feel of a spooky witches cauldron on the night of hallows eve!

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Silhouette Decor

Afraid of the figure in the window? Freak your visitors out by cutting out black paper silhouettes. Stick them down with tape, peeping in the corners of windows and doors – It’ll certainly make your friends look over their shoulder in the night!

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Easy Haunted House

Drape white sheets over your sofas and other big bits of furniture in your house to give an abandoned-because-something-bad-happened look to your home!

Top Tip: It’s a perfect multitasker for Halloween parties too so the punch doesn’t stain your sofas.

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Uneasy Mask Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Winter, you know? Add the freakiest piece of decor to your home with the spooky Mask Wreath, made up of terrifying, phobia-ridden masks sure to make your guest’s spines tingle!

Find the masks on Ebay, at The Range, or get the kids to make them themselves!

Bat Branches

Use black ribbon and tie it around tree branches for the spooky look of bats!

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Black Paper Flowers

The perfect kind of flower for the spookiest season of the year! Design your very own deathly bouquets by practising some origami with black paper and creating stunning bowls of black paper flowers.

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Spookalicious Snacks perfect for Halloween 2021

Pumpkin sweet dispenser

Combine the two staples of Hallows Eve by carving out the middle of a large pumpkin, cleaning it thoroughly (or leave it gooey, who cares?!) and then stuffing it with your favourite sweet treats perfect for parties.

Bloody Mock/Cocktails

There are so many different types of mocktails and cocktails online which are great for setting the Halloween theme.

Check out BBC Good Food’s list including a Halloween Eyeball Mocktail Punch and Pear, Pumpkin & Ginger Juice Mocktails – Yum!

A Spooky Fruity Platter

Create fun, funky and colourful fruit platters to keep the kids bellys’ full in a nutritious and healthy way! Perfect for lunch boxes and lunchtimes throughout the whole month of October.

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Spooky Pizza Making

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s easy to make, affordable and can even fit in with the spookiest season of the year!

Gather the kids around the dining table and take peppers, tomatoes, cheese, dough and any other veggies and ingredients to make horrifyingly good mini pizza snacks.

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A Classic – Halloween Muffins

Everybody loves cake! Decorate or even buy ready-made muffins and cake to cater to those sweet teeth during Halloween.

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That is all!

We hope you have found our Halloween 2021 blog useful and exciting, be sure to comment below or even email us your pictures of what you have created in prep for the Halloween period!

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