Daddy Seuss Comes to Play on World Book Day

It was trying to snow on this cold, cold day

The beast from the east had turned up the grey

I sat there with Ary

We sat there we two

There was nothing on TV

We needed something to do!


snowstorm - Beast from the East


I know’ said Aryanna

Let’s dress up and play!

We can make us a plan

A plan for the day

I liked that a lot

So I said fine, yes OK

Daddy Seuss image


We fetched the big box labelled ‘things you can do’

It had cloaks, hats, galoshes and Nana’s Maltese kazoo.

We laid out the garments and put the boots back away

Then I brightened my eyes to stare and to say…

Let’s dress up as characters, the cat and the girl

You know from that book, the book where we sat

and laughed, how we laughed at the cat in the hat.

galoshes and Nana’s Maltese kazoo


Because today is important. It’s an important day.

Children just like you will dress up to play

They will have their own box labelled ‘things you can do’ filled with cloaks and galoshes and Nana’s Maltese kazoo.

They will disguise and pretend

Read the words till the end

On this day in the World when books are our friend.


Daddy Seuss Image 2


Created  by Chris Hill on 28th February 2018 in honour of World Book Day and Dr Seuss Day – Dedicated to Aryanna


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