Top 10 Unique Advent Calendars for This Christmas

Long gone are the days when people were satisfied with marking the 24 day lead-up to Christmas with a small square of cheap chocolate, hidden behind a cardboard door. Nowadays, the possibilities are endless with new and inventive products being hidden behind calendar doors every single year. Here are our picks of the very best for 2018!

Beauty advent calendars have been popular for a few years now and more and more brands jump on the bandwagon every Christmas. However, there’s no brand quite as glitzy and glamorous as Charlotte Tilbury and her gold packaging, glittery exterior and luxury products make this calendar the perfect one for the festive season.

Arguably the best thing about Christmas is feeling all warm and cosy with a mug of hot chocolate in hand, wrapped up in blankets. And what’s the best way to feel cosy? With a few warming, scented candles of course. Get a new tea light every day with this adorable calendar and with 6 hours worth of fragrance in each one, you’ll be sorted all the way up to Christmas.

This summer was a time when Gin really took hold of the Nation and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t love a good pink gin and tonic. If you want to treat yourself to a tipple this advent then you’ll be pleased to hear that this calendar contains a full 70cl bottle of gin, plus a great assortment of flavoured, premium tonics.

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the festive season but new stationery is always exciting (thanks to the nostalgia it brings of shopping for new school pencil cases and fluffy pens). The unique stationery gifts within this Tinc calendar are not otherwise available to buy, and it promises to be bigger and better than their version from last year.

Everyone loves a good beer and this advent calendar by Beer Hawk is amazing value at only £59.95 for £97.50 worth of beer! Jam-packed with 24 amazing beers from around the world, the set includes 5 exclusive beers that you won’t see anywhere else! Either treat yourself this festive season or ensure that your loved ones won’t be asking to exchange by gifting them this great set.

We all love a bit of pampering and we definitely all love a good cocktail so why not combine the two? This advent calendar is filled with cocktail-themed bath and body treats including espresso martini body lotion and pink prosecco bath fizzers! Plus it’s a total bargain so be sure to snap one up in preparation for the festive countdown.

Give the gift of Christmas early this year with this amazing Star Wars advent calendar. Building your way through as you build up to Christmas, your kids (or adults) will love watching Star Wars Solo Millennium Falcon appear before their eyes as they approach the big day. And then you’ll have a perfectly completed gift by Christmas!

Tea lovers, listen up! Whether you enjoy a good morning cuppa, a dainty teacup served alongside scones and finger sandwiches or a proper builders brew, it’s certainly England’s favourite drink (favourite non-alcoholic drink, at least). So discover a new favourite with this 24 day calendar, exclusive to John Lewis. It contains a selection of fine teas and fruit infusions for you to enjoy every day up until Christmas.

For something totally different and unique, you can always rely on Not On The High Street. If you’re someone who’s into healing, wellness or semi-precious stones (or know someone who is) then this is the perfect advent calendar for you. Individually wrapped and numbered, the box contains 24 specimens with information about each crystal’s attributes displayed on enclosed cards.

If you’ve still got a sweet spot for an edible calendar but are bored of the usual chocolate treats then perhaps you’d enjoy something a little different. Bringing all the retro feels with sweets like Refreshers and Love Hearts, this Swizzels advent calendar will satisfy your sweet tooth all the way up until December 25th.

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