The Magic of Gingerbread Houses

by Alex Burroughes

Gingerbread has been a delicious treat for years, and a Christmas tradition for many people is to make a gingerbread house. These tasty treats are great to make with a young relative and then also delicious to eat and now more and more companies have begun to release do it yourself gingerbread house which makes them more accessible.

Gingerbread houses started in Germany in the early 1800s and according to some researchers, the idea behind gingerbread houses came from the well-known Grimm brother’s tale Hansel and Gretel which tell of two children finding a completely edible house.

This is said to be the inspiration behind gingerbread houses, however, it has never been proven and some people believe the house in the story was based on gingerbread houses. These gingerbread houses became popular during Christmas and the tradition moved to America through German Immigrants.

The art of gingerbread house making is now done by many people during the Christmas holiday. You don’t even have to make a house many people make different buildings or things made from gingerbread such as castles or cars. Some people make amazingly detailed gingerbread items such as the White House made entirely from gingerbread.

You can make your own gingerbread houses, and Snizl have found 12 amazing do it yourself gingerbread house kits for you to get this Christmas.

Sainsbury’s Gingerbread House Kit

A great gingerbread house kit which is easy to make and then great to decorate as well. It is great for people who have never made a gingerbread house before.

Find it here

Santa Gingerbread House

An adorable Christmas House with an edible Santa included. This is a great Christmas themed gingerbread house and easy to make and then decorate.

Find it here

Wilton Christmas Gingerbread House Kit

Get into the Christmas spirit with this Gingerbread House Kit, a great way to spent time with the family! Wilton gingerbread house kit includes everything you need to build and decorate one gingerbread house.

Find it here

Little Gingerbread House- Jennifer Carden

Make one of these 8 adorable mini-gingerbread houses and decorate for the holidays. You’ll find step by step instructions to make traditional houses in lots of every other styles.

Find it here

Ikea’s Gingerbread House

A far simpler gingerbread house that is very easy to make and cheaper. This Ikea gingerbread house or vintersaga is perfect for anyone who has never made a gingerbread house before.

Find it here

Wilton Christmas Gingerbread Dog House Kit

A different one here instead of your traditional gingerbread house you have a dog house. Coming with its own mini edible dog which is adorable and it looks amazing when done.

Find it here

Tala – Gingerbread House & Family Set

Part of the Tala Original’s collection, this beautiful and nostalgic Gingerbread House and Family set is a fantastic activity for the whole family to partake in over the festive period.

Find it here

Tesco Make Your Own Gingerbread House

A cute little gingerbread cottage which is perfect to make and comes with some amazing decorations that you can get such as edible windows.

Find it here

John Lewis- Build Your Own Gingerbread House Kit

This lovely gingerbread house kit comes in some lovely Christmas packaging. This kit includes an easy-build tray, pre-made icing and confectionery. Everything you need for a tasty and fun creation the whole family can enjoy during the festive period.

Find it here

Lakeland Gingerbread House

A lovely gingerbread house with gingerbread people and a dog included. Perfect for a first-time house maker. It also includes chocolate buttons, sweets and icings.

Find it here

Wilton Gingerbread Mini Village Kit

Includes 5 easy-to-assemble individual sets of gingerbread house panels. Colorful candy, easy-to-make icing mix. This is a perfect gingerbread house kit with some amazing decorations for you to use. 

Find it here

Gingerbread Train Station

Something a bit different this includes a makeable train station and train and still tastes amazing like any other gingerbread house.

Find it here

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