Top Tik Tok Accounts to Follow

Tik Tok isn’t just a place for confusing dances with catchy music – Well, it is that, but it’s also so much more.

Food, fitness, comedy, lifestyle, travel. Tik Tok has it ALL.

We want to list some of the best Tik Tok accounts we’ve come across lately so that when you have a spare hour (or four) you can learn something new, be inspired, or just roll around with laughter.

Besides, we could all do with a little easily accessible entertainment at some point!


Everyone loves watching what animals get up to, and there’s isn’t a lack of it on Tik Tok!

If cat’s are your thing, you need to check out @furryfritz on Tik Tok – so cute!

And, check out this girl’s adorable story about her rescue squirrel she saved! It’s incredibly wholesome, but she does make efforts constantly to get this message across: that you should not seek to buy a squirrel as a per – she has all the relevant licences to own a rescue squirrel.


answer my questions in the comments💘🐿

♬ To Build a Home – Slowed – SelteMemset

Finally for this category, you have to check out @texasbeeworks. This account is nothing short of jawdropping and addictive!

Her bravery and calmness has millions and millions of viewers sucked in with every video she posts.


If you just fancy a good old laugh, well there are thousands of accounts perfect for that. Here’s our shortlist of just a handful of accounts bound to make you howl with laughter.


Bought with my own money the best sandals ever made (they’re from Teva if you want to get yourself a pair)

♬ chicken run – Maddy


School teachers. Something everyone has had to endure at some point in their lives – and @kyronhamilton does it perfectly.

Now for a legend repping a Tesco uniform.

More impressions. We cannot get enough of @artbydemarcusshawn

Finally, @coleandersonj

When I say I had real tears.


@fisherbenny – This account is kinda questionable if you’re squeamish or maybe even vegan, but it’s super interesting and his lifestyle is crazy.

You find yourself asking “so there are actually normal people with Tik Tok on a boar out in the middle of the sea?!”


@irisdaileyy – It may not be for some, but she does have some interesting concepts that are fun to consider!


this is pretty wordy, so just pay attention to the pink captions!! day 13 of 30 🙂 #astrologyhour

♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose


The Tik Tok’s with his daughter are honestly the cutest thing we’ve seen all year.


I can’t believe it worked 😳

♬ original sound – Zeth

Weirdly-addictive & random


Reply to @shaychh there yah go man some O.J, cheers everyone, been busy this last week hence the lack of posting. #fyp #chug #vortex #kiwi #OJ

♬ original sound – That kiwi guy
So random, but so entertaining.

And that is all! Honestly, Tik Tok is a great place for quick entertainment, but it’s also an awesome place for a sense of community in today’s society.

Tell us, what’s your favourite account, or do you even have Tik Tok?

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