6 Cat-Eye Sunglasses Trending This Summer

Eyewear is an accessory that has been worn since the 1930’s. Once upon a time, glasses were used purely for their main function: to improve sight. But now, they’re a fashion statement, a seasonal must-have and in some cases, an iconic accessory.

There are way too many images I’d love to share with you of Hollywood actors in some iconic sunglass styles, but we must continue…

Luckily for most of us, we have the blessing of decent vision, something we should never take advantage of. Although, back in the day, contact lenses didn’t exist for when the newspaper started to seem blurry. And the only way to improve your vision was by being prescribed a chunky Austin Powers pair of glasses – not really what you want to be rocking up to school in, in your teens.

Now though, eyewear has become another exciting yet understated way to show off your own individual style. A pair of glasses complementing your outfit is appreciated much more, making – some of – us, look sexy and intelligent as opposed to the geeky look ‘Clark Kent’ is known for.

I’ve come across hundreds of different types of vision glasses and sunglasses with all kinds of peculiar names and designs. Ranging from some of the top brands, down to some local charity shops! But the style worth talking about is the ‘Cat-Eye’ frame.

The Cat Eye style is a super retro and vintage look of the 1950’s and 60’s where the edge of the frame goes up to a sharp point near the woman’s temples.

The idea was that the origional frame of opticians glasses was way too chunky and not quite fashionable enough. So one woman, Altina Schinasi, wanted to make eyewear for women more elegant, and immediately thought of the wonderful masquerade masks in Venice, and brought the shape and style back to Ray-Ban, who at first declined, then later saw that Schinasi was ahead of her time in terms of fashion… but by then, Mr Lugene was selling them all around the country!

“Keep your glasses on. Keep your hair up. Still look chic.”

Buy or view some gorgeous styles from these wonderful online glasses companies and wear your own piece of history!

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