A Week of Stylish WFH Outfits to Try

If you’ve been living in variations of your pyjamas and comfortable loungewear for the past five months, you’re probably ready for some fresh WFH outfits. We hear you, which is why we’ve rounded up some new combinations of outfit ideas that are both comfy and stylish! As the COVID situation remains fluid, it’s important that we do too. We can do this by adapting and making the most of these strange times we’re in by staying creative with everything even down to our fashion choices. 

Monday: Shirt Dress and Slippers

Have a crisp button-down shirt dress in your wardrobe that hasn’t gotten a lot of wear recently? Now’s the time for it to shine. A shirt dress is both comfortable and pulled together enough for your Zoom calls. If you don’t have a shirtdress, an oversized shirt can easily work as one. Pick out a sleek belt and cinch the waist to feel extra chic. Feel free to keep your slippers on or slide on some mule sandals to head outside.

Shirt dresses are simple but look so chic. Pair them with any footwear from slippers to heels for a professional yet comfy look.

Tuesday: Cardigan over Slip Dress

2020 is definitely the year of the slip dress, and it couldn’t be more perfect for working from home. A slip dress can easily be worn all day during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keep it WFH cosy with a knit cardigan and add some chic style by adding a necklace for a virtual team meeting or conference call.

Knit wear is SO in, pair any cardigan or vest with a slip dress for an ultimate statement WFH outfit.

Wednesday: Blazer and Joggers

Blazers have been working overtime since March because they instantly transform almost any outfit. Wearing jogging bottoms and a basic tee? Throw on a blazer and you’ll look pulled together instantly. Still in your silk pyjama bottoms and a cami top from last night? Grab that blazer and make a fashion statement. Add some trendy jewellery to these WFH outfits and you’ll almost be too overdressed!

An over-sized blazer can dress up any outfit.

Thursday: Jumper and Bike Shorts

Who doesn’t love lounging in stretchy bike shorts when working from home? Whether you’re making your lunch or replying to emails, they are comfy and flattering. Add a jumper with a cute pattern for the complete 2020 look. 

Bike shorts are a wardrobe essential for WFH.

Friday: Neutral Knit Set

To feel like a true stay-at-home goddess, you can’t beat a matching knit set in a neutral tone of tan, white, or black. It doesn’t get cosier or more luxurious than all-knit trouser and top combo. You can even add a pop of colour to your outfit with bright knit or silk socks. No one else will see them on a Zoom call, but you’ll smile every time you look down! 

Knit sets are a go-to for any WFH day.

Keep trying to mix up your WFH outfits on a daily basis, if not for others, then for your own enjoyment and wellbeing. Now is a great time to do a closet clear-out and wear some of those things that may have been shoved in the back. By the end of this COVID period, we will all be experts at stay at home dressing!

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