5 Ways Competitions Will Boost Your Business!

People love entering competitions and winning prizes, and you and your business can benefit from this greatly.

Prize marketing is one of the most effective tools you should be using in your business to attract a bigger following and more customers to your brand.


winning prizes


This marketing practice has been used since medieval times when European merchants used prize drawings as a sales promotion.

Here are 5 ways your business will flourish by using competitions

1. They are a fantastic way to create brand awareness.

2.  They are the perfect way to create interaction between you and your target audience

3.  Competitions are a quick and relatively cheap way for you to attract thousands of new followers and potential customers in a matter of days. We have a proven track record of this, and here at Snizl we have used competitions to increase our user base exponentially.

4.  Since the age of social media, competitions are more successful than ever. Your potential customers do your marketing for you spreading your brand by way of sharing to their social media channels.

5.  A great way of obtaining leads that have a good chance of converting into sales, especially when offering a prize that is related to your business.


competitions for Businesses

What better way to motivate someone then by offering them a prize!

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Fun Fact

At Snizl we love competitions so much, we’ve even created National Competition Day – The first one to be held on 7th July 2018, and annually on this date thereafter. #NationalCompetitionDay

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