15 Hidden Delights to be found along Nottingham’s Secret Passageways

The historic and wonderful streets of Nottingham are riddled with little walkways and alleys. As you walk through the busy Market Square or down Clumber street it’s easy to forget about the hidden pleasures you’ll find if you really look close enough in Nottingham. There are bars tucked in nooks and restaurants tucked in cranny’s, there are some under the ground and some up the alleys, but they’ve all got one thing in common – their utter quirkiness.

Nottingham is one of the few cities to have caves. The fascinating underground dwellings have served the people of Nottingham well over the decades. In the Victorian times, the poorer people with no homes took refuge in the caves as slums, and in WWII many people went down seeking safety in the caves, using them as air raid shelters.

Now though, the people of the city are turning the small spaces into intricate and intimate places where you can enjoy a nice cold alcoholic drink with friends, here below are 15 hidden delights in Nottingham:

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I had been planning to visit the Secret Garden for so long… seems like a lovely idea… but seriously weirded out that the staff required that we hand over our bank card and told us we would get it back after we have finished. Tried to justify it on the grounds of “opening a tab.”

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