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Free Stuff – as a marketing tool?

We had just two main problems:

  1. How do we keep Snizl users coming back for more?
  2. How do we give local business a tool that lets them contact an eager audience when they have something special to say?

About 18 months ago I had the idea that there needed to be some interaction between the businesses on Snizl and the users that downloaded the Snizl app that would enthral, attract and resonate between them, but what could this be?
It had to be simple to set up, easy to interact with, tempting and shareable… so the Snizl team hit the streets of Nottingham and we began talking to our user and business user evangelists.

The feedback was great as always and we started testing Wave button (shelved for now but I still think it’s genius.) Then over Christmas we tested ‘random acts of kindness’, and ‘competitions’ and the latter won by a country mile.
Interactions went skywards and businesses we tested on really benefited. So we began building competitions into the software.


During the Christmas break we also experimented with ‘push notification’, (a very powerful communications tool as people generally read them when they arrive) but we found out quickly that users hated the intrusion type. (Like when you get 35 push notifications as you are strolling through town on your way to work in the morning).
It just didn’t sit well with most users but they really didn’t mind the information type of push notification.

Information Push is the kind that informs you about something that you like OR have agreed to hear from. So this is the kind of push notification system that we have built into Snizl.


How it Works.

Users can follow any business on Snizl and they will receive the posts from the followed business into their own deals feed, even if that business isn’t in a category they have selected.
The user will also receive push notifications to their mobile device or desktop from the business when the business decides to push. (business owners have limited push ability and should only do so for special offers or great news).


So How Do Businesses attract Followers?

The businesses run competitions through the Snizl software to the feeds and their own social media followings to attract more followers directly on the Snizl software whom they can push to. (Competitions are entered by following the business) where users are prompted to share on social media for more entries.

This allows businesses to attract a true and loyal audience that they can push to with special news and offers and it keeps users coming back to Snizl.
All of the while helping local businesses attract real local people back into their stores. making the High Streets great again.

All this should kick off in July/August 2016 and you can see the new layouts on the web interface already, the iOS and Android apps will be available at the start of August. We hope you like it whether you are a business owner or a Snizl user. Let’s make local business exciting again.

Chris Hill

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